Online Dating Site Launches PSA Campaign to Shed Light on STI Risks

"" offers revealing statistics to urge daters to get tested for STI's.

More than half of all people will have an STD/STI at some point in their life.  Yet sexually transmitted infections are one of the most preventable diseases known to medical science.  Newly launched dating site,, has launched an awareness campaign to help reduce the spread of STI’s.  The campaign takes a no-nonsense approach to revealing the uncomfortable statistics about the prevalence of STI’s. 

43 percent of women in a recent survey had sex with someone they met online and had a higher rate of STI’s.  On the flip side of that equation, it has been estimated that men who use social dating apps have 25-percent greater odds of being infected with gonorrhea and a 37-percent greater chance of being infected with chlamydia.  As the spread of STI’s continue and the sexually-active population age, researchers are seeing STI’s such as chlamydia and gonnorhea on the rise even in people over 50.

Alex Greenberg owner of says, “Online dating companies have a moral obligation to promote safe sex and STI awareness among their users. If you’re meeting people online and/or having sex, you need to get tested. Period.”

Online dating companies have a moral obligation to promote safe sex and STI awareness among their users.

Alex Greenberg

Founder, encourages everyone to help spread the message.  Use these hashtags to increase STI prevention and awareness. #GetTested #WrapIt #SafeOnlineDating combines Ebay with OKCupid to turn the often flakey world of online dating much more focused by literally setting a value on the dater’s time.  Daters offer themselves on the marketplace, where actual bidding takes place, the prize being a predetermined, 2-hour block of the dater’s time.  The winner gets the girl and the chance to charm her.  The girl has a (hopefully) fun time and she pockets some cash (via PayPal).  It’s a whole new meaning to the term “on the market.”

Sexual activity is completely prohibited during a PriceDate, and to ensure the site is not used for promotion or solicitation of sexual services, auctions with explicit and suggestive sexual content (verbal and/or visual) are prohibited.

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