Online Cruise Cost Calculator Helps Budget Planning for Vacation Voyages

The easy-to-use tool helps to instantly tabulate total cruise expenses across more than a dozen different categories of add-on costs and fees.

An innovative new online financial calculator has just been launched, and it is specifically designed to help consumers plan budgets for cruise line excursions. The tool is available to anyone, free of charge, and can be accessed at the website.

Calculations cover more than a dozen different expense categories, and can also be customized based on budget criteria. Cruise planners can figure out expenses from three basic price ranges, for example, for cost estimates associated with the cheapest economy cruise, a mid-level cruise, or one that is in the elite luxury class.

Budgeting ahead of time, and doing it with as much accuracy as possible, is often cited as one of the keys to planning a successful cruise and preparing for the related financial impact. As explained in an article in USA Today, once a traveler boards the ship – having paid for the voyage – that is just the beginning of a running tab of other miscellaneous costs. There are many categories of incidental expenses that consumers often overlook or are not even aware of, and those can add a significant price tag to the cruise. Having access to a cruise cost calculator can help to eliminate any unexpected surprises, however, and provide the cruise customer with a very useful estimate of overall costs.

The calculator covers a full range of expense categories. Those include transportation and lodging to the ship, port fees, tipping, alternative dining, special onshore excursions, child care, spa services, laundry, deck cabana rentals, shopping, Internet connectivity, cruise gambling, and more. A visitor to the calculator site simply plugs in the financial projections for each category and the calculator instantly provides a grand total.

For more information or to use the free cruise cost calculator, visit the new tool’s official website at


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