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Ofcom's most recent report on the communications market in the UK proves that as the digital revolution continues to unfold, consumer habits continue to change.

We have been saying how times are changing and so are we and guess what? Ofcom’s most recent report on the communications market in the UK proves this, not that we needed any convincing. 

As the digital revolution continues to unfold, consumer habits continue to change. The report announced that the UK is now a ‘smart phone society’. It showed that 33% of Internet users consider their smart phone to be the most important device for going online, whereas 30% stick to their laptop. Compared to 39% in 2012, today, 66% of UK adults have a smart phone in their pockets. 

But this change is not merely amongst the younger generation; the report showed that since 2012, amongst 55-64 year olds, smart phone users have gone up from 19% to 50%. It’s not just web surfing that has changed, but also the weekly use of emails. Today a total of 52% of adults have access to email, a staggering increase when compared to the 5% in the 2005 Ofcom report. 

Social media has also drastically changed the media landscape. The document showed that 7 in 10 Internet users have a Social Media profile and 81% of them visit their profile at least once a day, mainly through their smart phones. 

The report also announced that with the digital switch over in 2012, came an increase in online watching. In fact, since 2007 the number of people watching short videos online has now increased from 21% to 39%. This is mainly due to the popularity of YouTube, which 32% of Internet users now cite as an important source of information.

Although digitization has had the greatest impact on 16-24 year olds, the report shows older generations are also adjusting to these new technologies. So as the UK is becoming more digital, it is only fitting that agencies become more digital friendly too. We recognize that digital marketing is the way forward and that our strategies must meet the demands of this changing media landscape. Ofcom, your report nailed it. It’s just a shame we got there before you did!

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