Nutspace Brings to the City a 21st Century Inventive Thinking Program

Special Programs tailored to get children Future Ready.

NutSpace Brings to The City a 21st Century Inventive Thinking program
Curriculum based  "In-Classroom and After School" Special Programs tailored to get Children Future Ready

Kanpur, July, 2015: NutSpace is a leading education technology company based out of Kanpur. It has been running successfully its after school program in " Inventive Thinking" for the last two years in the city. Catering to children aged 1-14 years, their proprietary program uses storytelling at its core to develop 21st century skills like problem solving, collaborative learning, imagination, critical thinking, leadership skills, English language development among others. 

NutSpace has been founded by Rohini Vij. Rohini is a professional storyteller, theatre artist, voice-over artist, author and a mother of a 3.5 year old. She has trained students and teachers across the country in the art of storytelling, public speaking, and drama. 

“Children today need to learn skills that will prepare them for a world not yet known. Every child is capable of learning and the problem solving dynamic is inherent in all of us; all we need to learn is its correct and timely application. Stories are a wonderful tool for preparing children for practical innovation and future skills. Everyone enjoys a good story and if one is taught using a story imagine how much fun that class would be! At NutSpace it is our endeavour to make learning fun, hands-on and for life.”, said Rohini  

Currently NutSpace runs its centre at The Mall Road. Speaking on the immense popularity the program has gained, Rohini said “We started with four children and we now have a hundred! We plan to open two more centres in the city by the end of this year so we may be able to cater to a larger audience.”, She added. 

Positive feedback from parents and children helps NutSpace constantly enhance its sessions. The sessions are packed with drama, music, body movements, creativity, art & craft and of course stories. The lessons are carefully planned keeping in mind the diverse needs of an evolving mind.  

“The Inventive Thinking sessions are a complete package. They are unique, interactive, informative, entertaining and a huge learning experience for children.”, said Pooja Tiwari, a mother of an eight year old. 

NutSpace has been conducting Inventive Thinking sessions in schools across the country. It has also started an in-classroom program in two schools in Kanpur and plans to make in-roads into other schools in the city and across the country. It has already run a few pilots in Delhi, Dehradun and Shimla. Plans are also afoot to take Story Telling on a digital platform for which a few stories have already been digital shot.

All NutSpace facilitators are professionally trained in order to handle children of all age groups. “Our facilitators do not control learning. Learning is about empowering children. We are helping children develop an explorer mindset. This is what makes our sessions unique and special.”, Said Faiza Mirza, a NutSpace trainer and facilitator. 

For any further information, please contact Rohini Vij (9793283333). 

NutSpace is a leading education technology company working towards building 21st century skills in children and helping them become future ready. Using a proprietary program Inventive Thinking, a unique 9-point methodology and engaging lessons planned around stories; children are prompted to use the left and right sides of their brains simultaneously. This unique style of teaching is promoting thinking skills, critical & creative skills, collaborative learning, language development, public speaking skills, problem solving skills, among others.
Catering to children aged 1-14 years, NutSpace runs this program in two formats - an after school activity in NutSpace centres and an in-classroom program in collaboration with schools. 
Offering a variety of lessons and stories from around the world in unique styles of storytelling. NutSpace is not only making the class interesting but also bringing a cross-cultural and global element to the class. All this and more will help students of today acquire habits and skills they’ll need to contribute to evolving workplace demands in future. 


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