It's Time for Black Boys to Flyy! Atlanta Film-Maker Publishes on Hip-Hop, Race and Positivity

Independent film maker Jamal Fortune signs with MBMA Group to release a sincere compendium of thoughts, conundrums and rhymes. Black Boys Flyy, recognizes the inspirational value of hip-hop to young black men and conveys the importance of patience, resilience and mentorship in an innovative way. The pair have turned to crowd-funding to help bring this vision to life. #blackboysflyy #blackmensoar

​Black Boys Flyy, challenges the stereotypes that have come to plague hip-hop and hip-hop culture. Author, Jamal Fortune states, "Growing up as a black boy, you always had limitations, people telling you all of things you couldn't do as you watched others do it" he continues "As Chris Rock stated, 'When you're white, the sky's the limit. When you're black, the limit's the sky.' Hip-hop gave me more to believe in than my limitations." Black Boys Flyy, forces you to appreciate the art form and takes on the 'Yes We Can' perspective.

Atlanta based boutique publisher, MBMA GROUP LLC, backed the venture to support basic production. Yet, funding remains the first major obstacle in getting this publication off the ground and into the hands of its audience  Given their belief and commitment in this effort, the team has become more innovative in fund-raising strategies, and has embraced the crowd-funding concept.

The campaign is hosted through Fundly and can be accessed from the publishing company's website. Funds raised in excess of the goal will be used to cover further marketing and publicity. As well, a percentage of funds exceeding the goal will be donated to a local Atlanta non-profit that promotes access to educational resources and outlets. The receiving organization and donation amount will be named in a public announcement.

"One of the quotes that motivates me is by Whiz Khalifa 'Every day you wake up your destiny depends on what you do', I know that I haven't reached my apex yet, but I hope to deliver a message that will resonate with those that are like the younger me." -Jamal Fortune #blackboysflyy #blackmensoar


For more information about Black Boys Flyy, please visit the MBMA GROUP site or email Mercedeez P Strong-Dowdell, Marketing Assistant at


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