Non Licensed Investigator in Alexandria Concerns Legal INV

Certified investigators are not the same thing as licensed investigators, state licensing requirements have changed across the united states and will impact an investigator in Alexandria VA.

Non Licensed Investigator in Alexandria, Concerning to Legal INV

 There are licensing requirements for investigator reston and investigator Alexandria VA and throughout the United States but that doesn't stop the non licensed rookie from practicing the trade. In the folowing months Legal INV an investigator in Alexandria, VA will be releasing information from a two year long study about how serious this problem has become, the lack of ethics of these people and what is being done by state licensing schools to remedy the problem.


Legal INV found that for anywhere from $450.00 to $2795.00  buys a seminar kit online consisting of a book or two or even a three month "website event" that teaches potential students how to become a trained body investigator, claims investigator, internal investigator. All of these courses come complete with a final exam and an official certificate granting certification in a particular skill set and have nothing to do with an investigator Alexandria VA.

Legal INV also found colleges with names similar to government legal statue and spy schools touting they can train people to be a  investigator in  3 weeks or less. One such " private detective College" offers a week of "state of the art instruction" to become a licensed  investigator at a 5 star beach resorts with gourmet meals. The tuition which includes "licensing, profession fees, a computer, camera, spy gear, portable printer kit, carrying case and more!" is $10,000.00 or people can submit a State of California "Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher" issued by the Workers Compensation Division and have the taxpayers foot the education bill. Sounds great except only after going to the website and reading the small print will a prospective student learn that California requires 6000 hours of actual on the job experience before it will issue a state license similiar to investigator Alexandria VA.

But this is not the only issue facing consumers with non licensed detective Alexandria VA. In some states it is equally criminal to hire an non licensed investigator in Alexandria VA as it is to operate a detective company without a license.

STATES EXPAND THEIR JURISDICTION for a Investigator in Alexandria, VA

In fact because these people call themselves other titles but still conduct business as a investigator in Alexandria, VA , some states are now mandating that individuals involved in the practice of forensic accounting and/or computer forensics be licensed as a investigator in Alexandria, VA. Our forensic accounting and computer forensics survey map of the United States provides licensing requirements per state for an investigator in Alexandria, VA.

Legal INV has found that individuals in most states lost their license do to unsavory acts but continued their business without the license because a licensing government examiner informed him that it would have to be referred to a lawyer for an expedited fee.


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