New Zealand's Travel Tax Just Hurts New Zealand Business

Roam NZ is an inbound travel and tour provider in New Zealand. It markets to the United States of America and Europe, though welcomes bookings from all over the world, including its home country. Visitors to the website have tools available to book flights, hotels, tours, coaches, travel insurance as well as buying discounted duty free goods and tourist books.

New Zealand is experiencing major growth as a tourist destination, but visitors heading to New Zealand now have an added cost to their travel, one added by the government of New Zealand. 

"We strongly disapprove of the new taxes that can only reduce tourism in New Zealand. Well we agree that we need to protect the country from imported organisms & goods, we see this as something the government of New Zealand should fund, rather than the visiting public" said Neil Bates, General Manager, RoamNZ. "The added $16 charge for incoming passengers is not in the interest of New Zealand’s public sector." “Trans-Tasman travel is particularly impacted while the potential for issues was significantly lower than visitors from many other countries, yet the costs imposed were the same”.

New Zealand visitor numbers topped 2.8 million for 2014, an increase of approx. 140,000 on 2013, and is expecting further growth in 2015. The Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIANZ) aims to increase tourism’s contribution to the New Zealand economy from the current $24 billion to $41 billion in 2025. The tax, says Neil “is likely to impact on that growth – in a negative way. We value visitors and their contribution to the New Zealand economy far out ways a mere $16.”

“I strongly suggest the New Zealand Government delay the implementation of this tax and reconsider the impact to tourism” said Mr Bates, “We have so much to offer from natural wonders to adventure sports, and we want to share that with the rest of the world and we know all Kiwis can benefit from increasing visitor numbers”


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