New You Health Works Offers Consumers Help With Healthier Lifestyles

Site offers natural health products, vitamins, herbs and supplements

New You Health Works has launched a new site dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier lives by offering safe, healthy, affordable options for nutritional supplements, vitamins and more.

The site offers hundreds of options for people looking to support a healthy lifestyle, from supplements containing the superfruit Acai berry to St. John’s Wort to melatonin.  The site breaks down its products by category, making it easy for consumers to find help with allergies, digestive health, brain clarity, alertness, or weight loss, among many other options.

“We offer products for all ages,” New You Health Works owner Cathy Cooper said. “Active people can enjoy supplements, vitamins, herbs, and minerals that will help keep them active. They are designed to support nearly every body system like the heart, joints, brain, etc. Those are also beneficial for people battling some health conditions. We want to give people the opportunity to feel their best.”

In addition to products for sale, the site includes a blog that offers insight into product categories, and New You Health Works runs an active Twitter account that offers links to health-related topics from the expiration dates on vitamins and supplements to the benefits of various supplements.

“New You Health Works is about helping you find out what your potential is and can be,” Cooper said. “We want to offer people a safe, easy, healthy and affordable way to live that better lifestyle we’ve all been looking for. Because we offer so many different kinds of products in one place, we can save you time, and customers can save money by taking advantage of specials.”

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