New Stylish War Game App Is Coming,Now Available in App Store

Faith Wars: Clash of Leagues represents the new style of war game for most fans of SLG fans.It provides bran-new experience and feeling of war game.

Faith Wars: Clash of Leagues released on september 18th 2015,is an unique Strategy game that thrusts people in an medieval world called Anilas where power, wealth and leagues are the name of the game! By combining together massive player online interactivity and challenging strategy gameplay under a richly-depicted world background, it brings a fresh perspective on the medieval fantasy strategy genre.

Its storyline is set in a specific era where angels, human and demons all roam in the fantasy continent. And that’s a setting perfect for players to kick start their medieval domination through city building and recruiting powerful allies to rise onto the throne.​

During the game, every player will be challenged to come up with strategy and make decision, which will thus decide the fate of his or her own kingdom! That’s open and fair for every player: whether player mean to farm peacefully, engage in political mind games, seek vengeance on your sworn enemies, bankroll your guild’s war effort, pillage neighbor’s resources, run your kingdom peacefully or do it all! Meanwhile, along your way to the top, a range of stats, rankings and achievements also gives every player something to aim for.

Try to survive and thrive, and make decisive strategy to dominate your enemies by military, economic and political means!​

2. Design studio:​

Shanghai Galaxy Digital Entertainment Network Co. Ltd.

With a professional team from Shandagames,Perfect World,Tecent,Giant Interactive,Snail, CMGE, IdreamSky, FLmobile,Ourpalm,360,momo, Shanghai Galaxy Digital Entertainment (GDE) has been devoted to research and development on MMO, 3D ACT on mobile platform as well as IP production since its establishment.​​


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