New Startup Aimed to Bring Montessori Directly Into Home

Bring quality materials and memories directly to your door with Montessori themed monthly subscriptions.

Montessori By Mom empowers parents as educators through customized Montessori subscriptions delivered directly to your door. Filled with engaging materials and lessons, parents are able to enjoy hands on learning with their children.

Montessori By Mom toolboxes are designed by a Montessori trained teacher, Teresa Hadsall whose goal is to take the guesswork out of often confusing Montessori materials. The toolboxes are filled with fun activities, beautiful materials, and make a home curriculum simple. Children will learn important fine motor skills, beginning math and language concepts, and are introduced to new cultures from around the world.

Hadsall states, "So many parents want to give their children the best education, but feel inadequate or don't have time to prepare activities and get burnt out. Our Toolboxes give parents confidence and allow them to focus on their children. It's about connecting parents and kids, creating memories, and making learning fun."

By delivering inviting Montessori style materials directly to your door, parents are able to provide an engaging education experience and create fun memories with their children. Researching for activities which fall into the Montessori philosophy can be time consuming and daunting. With Montessori By Mom toolboxes, parents are empowered to teach their children as if they were in a Montessori school. Montessori is rarely used at home, because it can be complicated and expensive. Montessori By Mom delivers parent confidence in a box!


Montessori By Mom is a woman owned, small business in the heart of Texas. After helping her sister begin homeschool with the Montessori approach, Teresa and her husband, Nathan, wanted to help other parents bring the wonders of Montessori work into their home too. Along with custom designed lessons in each monthly toolbox subscription, Montessori By Mom also has a fully stocked online store with brand names like Safari Ltd. and Melissa & Doug to help parents teach their children with inviting learning materials.

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