New Social Media Network Created Just for People Battling Addictions, Disorders & Other Problems

NeoA, the first social therapy network of its kind, is on a mission to help people all over the world facing many struggles in life.

We all know that life isn’t always ‘rainbows and butterflies.’ It can actually be downright brutal. From drug addiction to eating disorders, we all struggle with real issues from time to time.  That’s why NeoA was created.  It’s a revolutionary new platform that brings together people with common interests who wish to unite in order to improve their quality of life.

“We are not pretending to heal or solve a person’s problem but merely make available a helpful tool that makes it easy for people to access useful information and support from people who are battling similar issues,” explained Pablo Cruz, CTO and founder of the platform.

With NeoA, users can easily join up to 12 groups knowns as ‘clubs.’ There are a variety of clubs people can join, including but not limited to: Procrastinators NeoA, Overeaters NeoA, Overcoming Cancer NeoA, Depression NeoA and many more.

“The clubs are the heart of our platform. It’s where everything happens,” stated Cruz. “This environment has been created for both the user as well as for their family and friends.”

While traditional programs, such as therapy or Alcoholics Anonymous, are beneficial to helping people overcoming their problems, non-traditional methods can be just as beneficial. With NeoA, addicts can connect with other people struggling with similar addictions or problems instantly.

NeoA provides an outlet for people in need of group support that’s convenient for them and available 24/7. Fellow members are here to give one another strength and encourage one another,” stated Cruz. “For a user who participates in our Alcoholics NeoA Club, there may be a time when he or she is close to having a relapse. Sometimes he or she needs to share that moment, and just post what's going on. Our platform allows addicts to do that instantly and quickly get feedback from other members.”

Of course, due to the sensitive nature of addiction, security is at the forefront of NeoA’s platform by using the most advanced in data encryption technology, information security, and sophisticated algorithm optimized to ensure a member’s privacy.

“We’ve created an environment with all the social networking features similar to what a person might find on Facebook. Users can add friends, post, comment, share, create a photo album, etc.,” stated Cruz. “The difference is the way we treat the data and anonymous clubs that the user can participate in with full security and discretion.”

With NeoA, users can also share files with other users, create an event calendar, participate in online meetings, as well as create individual goals, for friends or even for the club.

 NeoA is currently available to users in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Along with its desktop site, NeoA is also available for download for both Android and Apple smartphones FREE of charge.

"The best is yet to come,” stated Cruz. “We are working hard to offer other special features very soon. In the near future, we are planning to add a club for smokers desperate to give up cigarettes. We also plan to add a ‘Victims of Bullying’ and ‘Couples in Crisis’ club.”

To learn more about NeoA or signup, visit The mobile platform will officially be available to the public at the end of August.


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