New Pipe Lining Company to Service All of Arizona

A brand new pipe lining company has just come to Arizona to service all residential, commercial, industrial and municipal properties.

Nu Flow Phoenix is a new, family-owned, trenchless pipe lining company, servicing all of Arizona. Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, Nu Flow Phoenix is the newest licensee of Nu Flow, the world’s leading small diameter pipe rehabilitation company that uses patented technologies to renovate pipes using epoxy.

Common pipe problems in Arizona include cracked or blocked drain lines, as well as pinhole leaks, which is a result of hard drinking water, due to the calcium and magnesium in Arizona’s soil. Nu Flow Phoenix offers alternative solutions to digging up a homeowner’s front yard, a hospital’s driveway or a busy high-rise’s parking lot in order to repair these vital pipe systems.

“We came to Arizona because there is a pressing need for Nu Flow’s pipe lining technology,” Nu Flow Phoenix Owner Paul Eaves said. “It is not a matter of if you have pipe problems, but when. What takes our competitors multiple days and even weeks to fix, we can often do in one day.”

Nu Flow Phoenix’s owners have been installing Nu Flow’s nondestructive pipe lining technologies for nearly a decade and have taken their seasoned skills to help Arizona homeowners, property managers and engineers. These innovative solutions rehabilitate pressurized and nonpressurized pipe systems within residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and government buildings. The unique process uses existing access points, which prevents the need for destruction, ultimately saving the customers money, time and inconvenience.

About Nu Flow Phoenix
We are a family-owned, modern pipe repair service company that offers trenchless pipe lining solutions for all types of buildings and properties throughout Arizona. Our solutions are affordable, long-lasting and eco-friendly. We repair drains, drinking water lines, HVAC and other types of pipe systems without causing destruction, disruption or displacement for the home, building or structure. Learn more at


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