National Polytechnic College ESL Programs Offer Classes to International Students and the Local Community

National Polytechnic College offers a host of vocational programs and three Associate of Applied Science degrees for F-1 international students.

The English as a Second Language program continues to grow due to increased demand from international students and the community. “Our objective is to deliver a more comprehensive and structured course of ESL in order to improve student English skills for academic, professional or personal reasons,” said Miriam Burbano, ESL program instructor.

Classes in the ESL program are conveniently scheduled Monday through Saturday from  8:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. Courses are designed for non-native English learners who want to improve their academic and professional English skills.

Features of the NPCollege ESL program are small interactive classes, professional native English speaking faculty and academic advisement with the aim of achieving the following integrative skills:

  •  Learn the essentials of grammar and writing and how to correct errors for well-honed writing skills
  •  Improve listening, speaking and pronunciation skills for effective communication and comprehension in academic, professional or social settings
  •  Learn effective reading strategies and skills to increase vocabulary and reading comprehension.
  •  TOEFL test preparation is offered to accommodate students who wish to enhance their ability to achieve the highest possible score.

The College enrolls international students in a variety of Allied Health vocational and academic programs. The ESL program was a response to the needs expressed by both international students as well as the local community for such classes.

“We are pleased to be enlisting the talent and commitment of NP College in this critical initiative,” said Alfonso Zavala, Director at NPCollege. “By engaging non-English speaking international students we are helping them acquire language skills that can help them vocationally and professionally and contribute to student success.”

Contact:  Miriam Burbano Email  or (866)800-0672 Ext. 106

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NPCollege was founded in 1996 to provide education and training in a variety of Allied Health and Media careers serving both the community and surrounding areas.

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