National Non-Profit Organization Seeks Missing Persons Stories for New Project

The national nonprofit, Let's Bring Them Home, established in 2005, focuses on safety education and provides resources to families with missing adults.

Project Dead Zone, launched by Cold Case Investigations, a division of the National Missing Persons Nonprofit, Let’s Bring Them Home, is book and documentary project on a quest for truth in missing persons cases in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

This area, dubbed the “Dead Zone,” has been the stomping ground for serial killers such as Robert Charles Brown and former truck driver James Wood.

The Dead Zone is an area believed to stretch from the northwest corner of Louisiana, bordering eastern Texas – and including parts of Arkansas since Arkansas is only a short distance north and sometimes referred to as the ‘Ark-La-Tex.’ There is a major highway running north-south to Shreveport as well as east-west (1-20) through Shreveport – a crossroad point for many travelers.

A great number of people – men, women and children have been lost in this zone – some been found murdered and others are still missing.

Project Dead Zone is book and documentary project spear-headed by Cold Case Investigations, a division of Let’s Bring Them Home.  Let’s Bring Them Home, founded in 2005, provides critical resources to families with missing loved ones, as well as prevention education services. 

According to LaDonna Humphrey, Co-Founder and President of Let’s Bring Them Home, this project is very close to her heart.  “I first became aware of the ‘dead zone’ area,” says Humphrey, because of our involvement with the case of missing man, Clinton Nelson.

Nelson has been missing from Princeton, Louisiana since September of 2006. 

“Clinton Nelson is among the many cases that haunt me,” explains Humphrey.  “He’s out there.. somewhere.. and needs to be found.  It is my hope this project is the catalyst in his recovery.”

If you would like to participate in the project, or submit information to be considered for inclusion in the book or documentary, please contact:


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LaDonna Humphrey

Let’s Bring Them Home, Founder



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