National Healthcare Leader Introduces New Organization; Transformative Care Model

Castle Connolly - a leader in helping patients find the best healthcare through the highly respected America's Top Doctors® publications - has formed Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, which helps practices convert to a retainer-based model.

Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. has announced the formation of Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, LLC (CCPHP). CCPHP will assist leading physicians in successfully converting their practices to a retainer-based model, which will alleviate the challenges associated with the current healthcare delivery environment and provide significant advantages to both physicians and patients.

For more than 20 years, Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. has been a leader in helping patients find the best healthcare, most notably through the highly respected America’s Top Doctors® publications and online resources. In keeping with its proven track record of executing innovative strategies to create demonstrable differences in improving the quality of healthcare, Castle Connolly formed CCPHP to bring the excellence associated with the Castle Connolly brand to the discipline of retainer-based medicine.

Dr. John J. Connolly, president and chief executive officer of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. and chairman and chief executive officer of CCPHP, stated: “We’ve been leaders in our industry for more than two decades. Our mission has always been to help people identify the best doctors and hospitals in the country. Patients today are very concerned about quality. Many are struggling with access to their doctors, their health plans, or their hospital relationships. CCPHP will provide a remedy to these challenges. Patients can have confidence in the quality of their healthcare again – they will have more time with their physician, quicker access to appointments, and the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with their personal doctor.”

CCPHP offers a unique, customizable practice conversion model that provides tangible benefits to physicians and their patients including options for health coaching, regulatory expertise, and wellness services. Partner practices will also be able to leverage the resources of 40,000 Castle Connolly Top Doctor leading specialists.

“When physicians partner with CCPHP, they have a unique opportunity to benefit from our 20-year track record to transform their practice,” said Dr. Dean McElwain, president and chief operating officer of CCPHP. “Instead of the typical rushed encounter, patients will have ample time to discuss their health concerns. Our innovative model allows physicians to spend more time focusing on disease prevention, wellness, co-morbidities, and other critical elements of care that they simply do not have time to address in the current milieu of insurance-driven care. We intend to partner with the nation’s top physicians to create a care environment that preserves, protects, and optimizes the patient-physician relationship.”

Patients of retainer-based physicians report higher satisfaction with access to appointments and interactions with their providers. They also tend to have improved health outcomes and reduced use of specialty and emergency care.

To institute this model, CCPHP will carefully analyze the unique characteristics of each partner practice to design, convert, and implement customized, retainer-based programs that leverage proprietary methodology and best practice constructs.

For more information on CCPHP please visit: Confidential consultations can be scheduled by calling 212-367-1950 or e-mailing


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The Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP) program is designed to assist leading physicians in building stronger patient relationships and creating a more connected healthcare experience.

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