Mosely Infinity Level Is The Only Level You Will Ever Need

It's a multi-functional installation and layout tool that changes the way projects are completed on a job site. Whether your installing tile, cabinets, windows, doors, it helps make your installations easier with higher accuracy. The 'Moz' has patent pending features that allow it to become custom length levels, L & T squares and straightedges. Possibilities endless. Giveaways at

Everybody has a level, but if users work alone and need to have an extra pare of free hands, the Mosely Infinity Level, takes this part of the work to a new “Level”. In fact, it may be the newest tool coming to worker's toolbox. The design incorporates a number of mounting holes placed in the body of the level, which allow users to attach it to a variety of surfaces. The level also has fine adjustment knobs, a first ever feature that turns the level into an adjustable ledger, and quickly adjusts with up to ¾” of travel. Depending on ones needs, multiple infinity levels can be attached together increasing the span; it can be used as an attachable adjustable straight edge, turned into a T or L- Square and used as a ledger on walls. The Infinity level hits the market in April so watch for this new innovative product. It will change the way work is performed on job sites and will be a great addition for the homeowner who may be performing home maintenance on their own. -Pops Restorations-

There's no doubt in my mind that best tool ideas come from guys in the field. Contractor Mike Lueck imagined a different take on the humble level. With the help of machinist Russ Borg they've cleverly devised a level system that expands the functionality of the level.The Mosely Infinity Level is a multi-component expandable system of level sections and accessories that interconnect in a variety of arrangements.  The best way to get a sense of the system is to see it in action or view a video on their website or YouTube page.

Mosely Infinity level sections come in 12 in. and 24 in. lengths.  The design allows level sections to be interconnected in three ways:Straight Connect lets users lock level sections end-to-end until one reaches the length they need. Need an 8 ft. plate level - lock 4 - 2 ft. sections together.

Side Connect sections together to create 'L' or 'T' levels for checking plumb and level at the same time. Think how fast a user can square, plumb and level a door frame. Side Face Connect sections side face to side face for carrying a level line through inside and outside corners. Great for leveling corner cabinets or laying out tile.Holes are positioned through the edge and face of the level body so one can attach it with a screw anywhere they need.

One of the smartest features is a head-slapper once it's seen - adjustment knobs. The adjustment knobs let users screw the level - say to a wall or across a set of studs - and then by dialing the knob, fine-tune in the level till it's dead-nuts. Accessories include a digital level and angle finder section, and 4 inch long body sections to expand the primary level's length.

My father started his career as a machinist and became a mechanical engineer. Growing up with milling machines, metal lathes, high tolerance grinders, and precision measuring devices gave me an appreciation for skilled metalcraft and tool design. The craftsmanship and attention to design that Mike and Russ put into the Mosely Infinity level system is outstanding.. The Mosely Infinity Level will be available on April 7. Check out their website for more information. -Fine Home Building-

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It's a multi-functional installation and layout tool that changes the way projects are completed on a job site. Tile, cabinet, windows, doors installations are easier with higher accuracy. Allows custom length & can become L & T square, Straightedges

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