Mirren-RSW/US Annual Report Identifies The List as a Top New Business Tool

For the third year in a row, The List was included in The Mirren and RSW/US New Business Tools Report as an invaluable tool for agency new business. The List was included with resources like Salesforce and LinkedIn.

In its third year, the Mirren and RSW/US New Business Tools Report offers valuable insights on what is, and is not, working, for the top agencies around the country.

With 52 percent of survey participants filling a President/CEO/COO role, this annual report has come to be recognized as the industry directory for agency new business tools. It serves as a roadmap for upcoming cycles of new business development by identifying the resources found to be most effective and where improvements could be made for others.  

Noting a significant increase in the use of new business tools since 2014, The List saw an increase in advocacy and usage among agency executives in the past year.

58 percent of those surveyed are currently using The List’s prospect list building services (32 percent jump); and another 46 percent are leveraging research services (14 percent jump) to identify new business opportunities.

“I'm very thankful to our community of agencies who trust our team and our resources The List and DailyVista as being essential in their pursuit of new business,” said Dave Currie, President of The List. “We're working tirelessly on initiatives to continuously improve the actionable intelligence we provide on a daily basis, and this recognition of efforts is always greatly appreciated.”

Every year, the number of agencies using new business tools to improve sales efficiency goes up. The insight housed in this annual report becomes increasingly more valuable every year. It not only benefits business development teams, but it also provides marketing technology companies with much-needed product feedback from their customers.

To read the full 2015 Mirren and RSW/US New Business Tools Report, click here.

About The List
As the most comprehensive, accurate and widely-used resource for agency new business, media sales and advertising technology professionals, The List offers a suite of business development solutions that allow clients to relevantly connect and engage with advertisers and brand owners across the United Kingdom and North America.

Through primary research, The List creates exclusive, actionable intelligence that allows business development teams to prospect the advertising, media and marketing contacts at their most sought-after companies and brands.


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