Minecraft for Parents Launches

13-year old twins release Udemy course that teaches parents how to play Minecraft.

Erica and Cody Wagner, 13-year old homeschooled twins, have announced the launch of a brand new course designed to teach parents how to play Minecraft. Minecraft for Parents is now exclusively available at Udemy.

Minecraft has sold over 21 million copies worldwide and is even being used as an education tools in some high schools and colleges across the United States. Erica and Cody decided the best way to help parents learn the game and be able to play with their kids would be to create a Udemy course. They taught their om the game this way, who is a co-instructor in the course.

Minecraft for Parents offers 19 lectures and more than 4 hours of online content to help people learn Minecraft game structure and strategies. While this course is aimed at parents, anyone with an interest of learning the ins and outs of Minecraft can enroll. Once enrolled, parents and adults have thirty days to try the course and can receive a full refund if they determine the course is not for them.

Students receive lifetime access to the course, meaning that once they’ve enrolled, they can come back to refresh their memories or learn more at any time. Minecraft for Parents teaches students how to install the game and how to survive, build, make Minecraft servers, make skins, and more. The course also includes a section of frequently asked questions. Downloadable documents enhance the learning of each module.

This course is available at a discount at https://www.udemy.com/minecraft-for-parents/?couponCode=PRSpecial

About Erica and Cody Wagner

Erica and Cody Wagner are thirteen year old homeschooled twins and the co-instructors of Minecraft for Parents.

If interested in interviewing Erica and Cody, contact Dr. Wagner at 303-576-0670.


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