Mental Health Testing Now Included as Ancillary Solution Through the Affordable Care Act or ACA

Mental Health Testing Can Now be Reimbursed

​​With the ACA or Affordable Care Act implemented now, some changes in the current healthcare system have led to opportunities. Legislators in 2014 established guidelines making it mandatory that mental health testing be reimbursed.

 This new standard will enable physicians to provide the utmost in healthcare while earning extra income at the same time. Instances such as bullying, suicide and depression can be diagnosed during patient office visit, with the accompanying billing procedure providing insurance reimbursement.

 The ancillary solution provided by Ancillary Medical Solutions features a turn-key solution that highlights use of an iPad without charge. Diagnose physical and mental conditions without concern and without adding to the number of people in your waiting room.

 Because there is more latitude in screening patients for psychological conditions, doctors can screen for substance abuse or determine if a patient is indeed suffering from Bi-Polar disorder, anxiety or PTSD. The mental assessments made through Ancillary Medical Solutions are made all the more easy, given that they can be assessed electronically. The 46-question iPad test only takes about 10 minutes, at the most, to complete. In turn, the patient’s report is immediately available, using an algorithmic insert to obtain fast results.

A spokesperson for Ancillary Medical Solutions said that the new mental health assessment via iPad makes it possible for health care practices to enjoy a healthier revenue stream. With billing for the mental health assessment in force, doctors can easily obtain $30 for each insurance-covered patient and $8 from each Medicare recipient.

 By adding this value-added solution to a practice, doctors can track a patient’s mental health progress as well as schedule new appointments regularly. The platform that Ancillary Medical Solutions uses is designed to support Neuro Cognitive testing. Once a practice agrees to set up an account to accept mental health payments, the process can be facilitated fairly quickly.

All insurances should cover the cost of mental diagnoses and assessments, each noted with CPT code 96103 for the computer-administered psychological exam. While doctors cannot say for certain how many patients will be truthful on the mental health assessments, algorithms have been inserted into the computer program that are capable of measuring and contrasting answers. Whether the patient decides to be deceptive on the test or not, a dialogue is still started – one that can possibly unearth something beneath the patient’s façade with respect to overall care. The addition of the iPad is an affordable way for the doctor to acclimate himself with working with an EMR (electronic medical records) systems.

 Besides mental health testing, Ancillary Medical Solutions offers ancillary solutions that extend to turn-key initiatives that cover allergy testing, DME (durable medical equipment), medical dispensing, toxicology and patient texting. Find out more details by visiting the Ancillary Medical Solutions site or by giving them a call directly at their toll-free listing.

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