Maternova, Inc and Pratt Pouch Consulting Launch the Pratt Pouch, a Powerful Weapon Against HIV Transmission

Maternova, Inc., a social enterprise focused on Maternal and Newborn health, is joining forces with the team who developed the Pratt Pouch. This affordable and innovative HIV Antiretrovial delivery system marks a bold new strategy in reducing the transmission of the deadly virus to newborns. Their aim is to deliver lifesaving treatments into countries globally.

Maternova, Inc. a global leader in maternal and newborn health is joining forces with Pratt Pouch Consulting to commercialize an innovative HIV antiretroviral drug delivery system, beginning in Ecuador.

The Pratt Pouch delivers the most effective formulation of recognized treatment  to prevent   HIV transmission in a low cost, user friendly package. Named after the Duke University Pratt School of Engineering, the Pratt Pouch aims to drastically reduce the transmission of the HIV virus from mother to newborn.  

Several studies have shown that immediate treatment of newborns following the product protocol, within the first 24 hours of life, saves lives. Yet data collected from low and middle income countries shows as little as 22% receive the preventative treatment.   The Pratt Pouch  allows  the antiretroviral drugs to be pre-dosed and stored for months in a foilized package.  This innovation means that newborns born at home can, for the first time,  have ready access to this life-saving medication.

Maternova, Inc. currently distributes cutting edge innovations in over forty countries, with several in-country satellite partners to simplify access to lifesaving technologies. “ We’re so thrilled to be working with Pratt Pouch Consulting to launch the Pratt Pouch internationally. With the majority of births still occurring at home or sparsely supplied clinics, getting this amazing HIV prevention tool into the hands of our most vulnerable populations is a challenge we are pleased to address” states Meg Wirth, CEO of Maternova Inc.

University labs are excellent at developing, testing and proving new global health technologies.  But where they often falter is at the commercialization stage.  “With years of experience commercializing and distributing obstetric, newborn and nutrition products, Maternova Inc. is the perfect partner for ensuring that the Pratt Pouch is distributed  globally’ state s Robert Malkin, lead researcher responsible for developing the Pratt Pouch with other faculty and students at Duke Univesrity.  

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