Mass Mosaic Announces Revolutionary Transition to FairShares Enterprise

Mass Mosaic has announced it's plans to transition into becoming a FairShares enterprise. All stakeholders involved with Mass Mosaic will share in it's direction and success.

Mass Mosaic has announced it’s plans to transition into becoming a FairShares enterprise. As a FairShares enterprise, Customers, Employees, Founders and Investors alike, will all have a voice in the direction of the company taken and be able to share in the profit it makes. This as an important step to tackling income and wealth inequality, by distributing the power and financial rewards more equitably amongst all stakeholders.

Eric Doriean, Operations Chief of Mass Mosaic says “The time is right for a new type of company structure to emerge. The businesses of tomorrow need to share with everybody who creates them, so that everybody can share in their success. For too long, too few have shared in the successes of what can be created from business and we’re proud to be taking this bold move to change that.”

Rory Ridley Duff, Co-Founder of FairShares explained further, “The FairShares movement is gradually and inexorably gathering momentum. Working with Mass Mosaic is a vital part of this. We share a commitment to ending the idea that business is the process of exploiting the weak and vulnerable for benefit of the rich. Our alternative is a new generation of cooperative social enterprises in which solidarity amongst entrepreneurs, workers, customers and social investors becomes the engine of a modern social economy.”

More details and a video outlining this revolutionary transition can be found online @

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During our age, it is technically possible to eliminate scarcity. We now can to meet all our needs together. Given Earth's resources and our collective abilities, we believe there is a hidden abundance within our worlds that is waiting to be unlocked.

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About FairShares

FairShares is a brand and development model for self-governing social enterprises operating under Association, Co-operative and Company Law. It offers a unique multi-stakeholder approach through its integration of entrepreneurs, producers, consumers and investors, and its advocacy of Creative Commons to manage members' intellectual property.



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