Male Breast Reduction: A Life Changing Cosmetic Surgery

Few things can have such a profoundly negative effect on a man's life as having female-looking breasts... For more information on male breast reduction, go to

Few things can have such a profoundly negative effect on a man’s life as having female-looking breasts. The medical name for this condition is gynecomastia, but it is more commonly and rather cruelly referred to as “man boobs.” Those unfortunate enough to suffer this condition, estimated as high as 15% of the male population, usually have a long history of low self-esteem from the ever present need to hide their upper body from the sight of others.

First noticed in puberty, the breasts in some men grow abnormally during this period taking on a female shape and size. A hard, sometimes painful lump of breast tissue is often felt under the nipple area. If there is any abnormal weight gain, the appearance only worsens as fat over the chest wall muscle accentuates the size of the breasts. Gynecomastia can also occur later in life after taking certain drugs, the most common of which are anabolic steroids used to increase muscle mass.

When the humiliation and ridicule begins in the locker room in middle school or high school, so does the need to conceal these deformities. Teenage boys start hiding their condition from others by wearing heavier tops and avoiding situations that require exposing their bare chests to others. Some go as far as to tape their breasts down under their shirts.

Fortunately, there is now a very simple and effective outpatient surgery to correct this problem, one that combines tumescent liposuction with direct excision of the gynecomastia to achieve a normal looking male breast.  Arizona cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Richard Fisher, explains, “ When reducing female-looking breasts in men to restore a normal male chest contour, we perform liposuction through one or two tiny holes in the skin, removing any unwanted fat over the front and sides of the chest.  Then, through a very small incision, about ½ inch long at the junction of the areola and chest skin, we surgically remove all the hard gynnecomastia tissue under the nipple complex.  The procedure performed under local anesthesia and mild conscious sedation is painless, and has a very short, complication-free recovery period. Most patients can return to light work or school in about 48 hours.  The results are almost always extremely satisfying.”

“Even after performing nearly a thousand of these procedures over the years”, Dr. Fisher continues,  “it still remains extremely gratifying to hear these patients describe how much their lives have changed for the better since undergoing this surgery.  Time after time, they remark that they should never have waited as long as they did to do this. The positive psychological benefits following male breast reduction surgery cannot be overestimated.”


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