Maco Online Travel Booking Management System

Maco Online Travel Booking System the powerful full-featured E-Commerce Solution to make the travel industry more flexible. This XML standard based software offers high degree of efficiency, flexibility and robustness. The system is affordable and provides a one-stop complete reservation platform.

Maco Infotech is a leading company in travel domain software industry. We deal in development of online booking portal on B2B and B2C platform for several services like Hotel, Transfer, Car and Packages.

We have a vast experience in the XML integration such as GTA, Hotel beds, Tour co, Travel co, Special Tours, Hotels Pro, MIKI, A2B, Tourico Travco and more. We also have an experience in creation of one's own contracted rates for hotels, transfers, car and packages.

When it comes to online travel booking system, speed has been known to play a major role in its rapid growth. With the touch of a button we are able to save time and energy. This is simply because an online travel booking system will reduce the duration of tasks that normally took hours to mere minutes of typing.

A remarkable reduction in errors has also been noted with these systems. This is because the software is sophisticated. Designed to reject inconsistent information thus making online travel booking the most efficient way of conducting transactions. Plus, the risk of double booking has been known to diminish greatly.

Perhaps the greatest reason for the spread of online travel booking system is the ability to compare price ranges online before the booking is finalized. This has helped travelers plan for their trips fully by helping them to foresee and budget for any unexpected expenses that might crop up.

Further more, this system has also been known to provide complete information about various hotels and the amenities offered by them, making it possible to select the best hotels from a wide database according to your choice and budget, and enjoy a perfectly pleasant and memorable holiday.

Overall Benefits:

o Saves valuable time, and cuts costs as Availability checks and instant confirmations eliminate email exchanges between Guests and your Reservations Department. 

o Reliable and user-friendly system is easy-to-follow, with uncluttered screens and prompts 

o Advanced search functions allow your guests to search your website for accommodation in their chosen destination. Search results indicate whether accommodation is available 

o Grab attention by cross-selling and up-selling, offer promotions, and redeem coupons with the P2P (Product to Product) Up-Sell Display Linking and Integrated Coupon & Discount Engine 

o Automate inquiry and guest contact management with instant Confirmation 

o Distributing "last minute" rates to travel agents, corporate clients and Internet users 

o Dynamic Room Allotment Reduces Distribution costs 

o Promote Hot Deals

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