Low Cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery at Hospitals of Mumbai and Nagpur

The anterior approach of total hip replacement surgery in India is far more superior to the conventional approach. This kind of advanced surgery has cured many patients of chronic hip pain and hip fractures at a low cost.

There are many persons who suffer from arthritis and hip pain. These disorders cause severe pain to the patient and restrict his daily life activities. The evaluated review of an X-ray machine indicates that the hip is worn out in an extensive way. For such a condition total hip replacement surgery is the best alternative that can provide relief from pain. The procedure of this surgery is very effective and less painful. It is done with the most advanced and minimally invasive surgical technology and an optimistic rehabilitation program. The patient can get many advantages by getting done this surgery by means of the technique of anterior approach technique. Let us view a few advantages of this surgery:

{C}1)    Faster recovery: The patients can get faster recovery in this surgery. On the same day after getting the surgery the patient can get up and take a walk bearing the entire weight of their body on their hips. The patients can do this activity after returning from the operation theatres. There are many fit patients that just require a cane to walk in the premises of the hospital. These patients are able to commence their general life activities within a few weeks after getting the surgery. If patients undertake hip replacement through a conventional approach then they might take many months for final recovery. The anterior approach of surgery enables patients to recover and quickly return to their activities like playing golf, tennis, walking, running and doing swimming. The patient can start walking within a period of 4 weeks after getting the surgery.

{C}2)    Minimally invasive surgery:  The approach of anterior portion during hip replacement surgery is the most minimally invasive choice for people who suffer from diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis, stiffness of hip joint and hip pain along with limited locomotion of the hip. A small 4 inch incision is made in the hip through the anterior lateral aspect. In this procedure no muscle is removed from the bone in this approach. In front of the hip some muscles are pushed in a temporary way to enable work on the bones of the hip joint. However this does not cause any injury to the patient and this approach is completely functional in itself. The result of the surgery is less painful there fore many surgeons are using the anterior approach of replacement of hip.   

Advantages of getting hip replacement in India

There are numerous advantages of getting total hip replacement surgery in India. Firstly you are going to get cost benefit if you get the surgery at an Indian orthopedic hospital of Mumbai or Nagpur. The cost of surgery in India is nearly one tenth of the cost that is being charged in western countries like the USA, UK and Canada. Secondly patients coming to India for total hip replacement are going to get quick appointment for the surgery. In this way the precious time of many patients is going to be saved. The rehabilitation facilities at Indian orthopedic surgery hospitals are at par with those seen in sophisticated hospitals of the west.

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