Local Fame: Hailey ID Resident Releases Book 9/11 about America's Role in Middle East

Author and thought leader of the Middle East releases book about America's role in the Middle East

-  Fault Lines: The Layman’s Guide to Understanding America’s Role in the Ever-Changing Middle East debuts September 11, 2014 with a launch party to follow on September 19th, 2014. Hailey Idaho resident Don Liebich is author of Fault Lines and thought leader on Middle Eastern affairs.

Local love spreads in the Treasure Valley as local promotes local. The Fault Lines book launch will be hosted at the Boise Arts and History Sesqui Shop on 10th and Main at 6 p.m. The Sesqui Shop serves the community by promoting Boise’s rich cultural diversity.

During the launch party, Liebich will speak about how he came to get involved in the Middle East, why he wrote the book, what he tried to accomplish through the publication, and an overview of the themes. This will be a chance for the community to get their signed copy of Fault Lines, browse the current exhibit at the Sesqui shop and learn about America’s involvement in the Middle East. A question and answer session will also take place at the event.

Fault Lines is the story of one man’s journey to understanding America’s role in the Middle East. Through a collection of blogs and more than twenty trips to the region, Liebich examines the fault lines that have often plagued U.S. efforts to protect its national interests and discusses how these on-going relations have led to a precipitous decline in American influence in the area. Liebich explains the history of American involvement in Middle Eastern affairs, but also clarifies why many American policies continue to cause angst between the U.S. and Middle Eastern countries.

Don Liebich is a native of New York and a graduate of the University of Rochester and the Harvard Business School PMD program. He spent his career with the U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine service and Sysco Corp. Liebich has been involved with economic development, citizen diplomacy and human rights projects in Jordan, Israel/Palestine including the West Bank, UAE and Iran. He has conducted seminars and taught courses on Islam, Christian Fundamentalism, U.S. Middle East foreign policy and Iran. Don and his wife, Marcia, live in Hailey, ID.


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