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DocuTech is the reliable company successfully helping in business growth, providing a harmonious blend of compliance, legal and technical expertise. Offering warranty coverage that doesn't fail, they are dedicated to provide the best services to their clients.

Committed to offer excellent services, the team of veterans here ensures document compliance with mortgages as it is inevitable component in loan processing. With frequent changes in government legislations, investor requirements and customer policies, DocuTech team are experts in focusing on maintaining and updating the library of dynamic leading documents. The business team can focus on their core ideas while all the other aspects are well taken care of by these smart professionals. From commitment to compliance to guarantee on federal, state and investor compliance for loan documentation to customizing compliance needs while evaluating and validating it, clients can be assured of #1 services every time.

Up-to-date in the developments of technology as well, DocuTech ensures document compliance and helps adapt to the business without worrying of data re-entry. Contributing the best in service, quality and flexibility, they present a wide array of services that help save time while factors like trust, security and confidentiality are never compromised. With Web based enterprise solution like ConformX, high-security mailing facility at Fulfillment center, extra layer of security with high-cost loan through HCL / PredCheck, energy saving and environment-friendly E-Delivery options and Webinars and demonstrations to know more about loan compliance, the smart and knowledgeable staff here are a class apart the other teams.

This firm committed to establish personal relationship with their customers, offers world-class service. Facilities like the web-based system to cater to the demands of customers-InformX, offering solutions and alternatives through their Contacts, knowing the frequently asked questions and answers through FAQ and delivering the requirements successfully on time and on budget through Implementation process, DocuTech is dedicated to serve the customers with 100% satisfaction. Checking their Website helps customers to know more about the details and services offered. Relying on their concepts that embody the product, their different aspects include Mortgage Document Preparation, Document compliance and Technology.

Located at Idaho Falls, DocuTech team can be contacted at 800.497.3584, which is a toll-free number, faxed at 208.535.9792, telephoned at 208.523.5531 or emailed at The most reliable team to be approached for loan compliance and eMortgage, they can be contacted for a free demo, after filling a few details, to avail their services. Active on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, they are ever-approachable and ensure exceptional services in every aspect.

Started in 1991 by Ty Jenkins, DocuTech products integrate effortlessly with mortgage loan origination system replete with guarantee of accuracy, security and compliance in all 50 states. They have the vision to simplify mortgage loan document process. From introduction of Conform X, which is a web-based solution in 2002 to extended services including HCL/ Predcheck, Conform X desktop & Fulfillment services in 2004, prospective borrowers are delivered the compliant initial disclosures within 3 days to comply with government mandated deadlines.

DocuTech Corporation

3018 North Holmes Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83401


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