Leading Authority Eon Clinics Responds to Investigatory Report on Dental Implant Competitor

Compelled to address ABC's malpractice investigation of dentist Ifran Atcha, Dr. Rajan Sharma of Eon gives relevant patient advice and leads by example with a fully staffed team, state of the art facility, and 99% success rate.

Dr. Ifran Atcha’s patients came forward with shoddy dental work and thousands of dollars of repairs needed in the Investigatory Report story last week. Worried about those who need dental implants, Eon Clinic’s Dr. Rajan Sharma explores what happened to Atcha’s patients.

“You can't be a good doctor and juggle all the balls yourself. If you take on the jobs of technicians and other specialists yourself, you’re going to drop one," explains Dr. Rajan Sharma, Principal at Eon Clinics.

"There is no reason to fear dental implant treatment. The treatment requires collaboration between technicians and clinicians, not just one doctor, however. Treatment at Eon depends on a team; board-certified prosthodontists, board-certified oral surgeons, and lab technicians that work together. Even our CT diagnostics and lab are in-house. This all-inclusive setting is necessary for top-quality care."

Dental implants as statistics stand are 97% successful and growing more popular and have been named the best choice for permanent replacement of teeth.

“We perform dental implant procedures with Prosthodontics, a board certified oral surgeon, and lab technician in a state of the art facility with an in house lab and CAT scan. There is no reason our success rate won’t reach 100%. We stand behind our work and offer lifetime guarantee,” says Dr. Sharma.

Eon Clinics urge patients to seek out a dental implant facility with a full team of specialists working together toward one outcome. They should also talk to previous patients by researching or directly asking their dentists for contact information.

“Eon’s previous clinical director DT Carl Drago completed four books. His latest includes case studies on patients of Eon Clinics. Doctors and clinics need to make sure their credentials and proof of proper care are widely accessible. What authoritative resources outside of your business will stand by your claims?”

Dr. Sharma also advises patients, “and for patients, don’t just listen to your clinic. Seek reviews or positive endorsements from multiple sources, not just your doctor’s website.”

The news story also reported Dr. Atcha is on indefinite probation with the Indiana Dental Board, falsely claimed board certification, and claimed specialization in certain dental services in which he did not have the educational qualifications to do.

“It’s imperative to look into the credentials of doctor – find out what degrees they have and understand what they mean. There are big fancy degrees out there that can be bought with $50 annual membership. If possible, get confirmation from licensing agencies, like the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency,” said Dr. Sharma.

There are also isolated cases of doctor’s using "make shift" methods for implant procedures. Be aware of some practices that allow lab technicians to finish a case because the surgeon is not there. Lab technicians are not qualified and should be working under Doctor's guidance.

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