Las Margaritas Restaurant In Karon Beach Thailand Is Reborn As Paradise Grill

After 15 years of serving fine Mexican food Las Margaritas restaurant in Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand has been closed, renovated, and reborn as Paradise Grill.

After 15 years of serving fine Mexican food, Las Margaritas restaurant in Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand has been closed and reborn as Paradise Grill.

Due to the changing demographics of thier customer base Bolder Business Associates made the decision there’s not a wide enough demand in Phuket for Mexican food moving forward.  Therefore in April 2014 the almost historic Las Margaritas restaurant was gutted, redesigned, given a new name and a new menu, and transformed into an international cafe named “Paradise Grill”. The new menu and concept will focus on delivering a wide selection of international favorites ranging from sandwiches, salads, pasta, sushi, steak, and other unique internationally oriented dishes as well as special seasonal menus and promotions.

Both Las Margaritas and Paradise Grill were designed and still operated by twenty-year veteran restaurateur Eric Conger, better known to his loyal clientele as Uncle Eric.  When asked to elaborate on the changes at Paradise Grill Conger had this to say. “We will continue to compete in the moderate price range delivering quality food, great value, and fast service.  For example, Angus Burgers will be priced at 250 Baht compared to the going price of 300 Baht and up. But what I think is as important as the menu change is the fact that we now have a beautiful and relaxing Al Fresco dining area for our customers to enjoy.”

Rather than being an air conditioned dining room, the new format is open-air with a covered and finished deck on the street which allows guests to enjoy street life views and good food only a short two minute walk from Karon Beach, which is considered one of Phuket’s finest.

Be sure to stop by at Paradise Grill in Karon Beach and sample some of their fantastic international food featuring Thai cuisine, Asian noodles, burgers and sandwiches, fresh local seafood, and the best frozen cocktails on the island of Phuket.

Interested persons can contact paradise Grill through their Facebook page: ParadiseGrill.Karon or website: paradise-grill dot com



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