Lack of Knowledge About Calcium Can Result in Death

Are calcium supplements safe and effective?

A study in May 2012 showed those individuals who took just calcium supplements alone doubled the risk of having a heart attack. When taken alone, calcium deposits in the arteries instead of in the bones (Li 2012).

If calcium cannot be supplemented alone, then what should it be supplemented with? What forms of calcium are safe to use?

A lot of the calcium supplements on the market are in the form of calcium carbonate. Less than half of the calcium carbonate will be absorbed and the rest may cause kidney stones or arterial wall calcification. Magnesium should always be supplemented with calcium but it needs to be in the right form as well to be safe. Any calcium supplements with magnesium oxide is not the safest. Less than 10% of the magnesium oxide will be absorbed. With low magnesium level, the risk of developing heart disease increases.

"Take initiative today! Take a look at your calcium supplement and check for potentially dangerous ingredients"

David Fung


What makes a safe and effective calcium supplement?

A perfect calcium supplement needs to have the perfect calcium and magnesium 1:1 ratio. It needs to utilize the highest absorbable forms of calcium, which are calcium citrate and calcium malate. In addition, the magnesium forms should also be the highest absorbable forms such as magnesium amino acid chelate, magnesium taurinate and magnesium glycinate.

Vitamin D3 should also be in the calcium supplement as it is the key for calcium absorption. Vitamin K2 is another vital element in calcium supplements. It ensures calcium supplement deposits in the bones. Biosense Pharmacy medical team  recommends Nutritii Magnical-D as the safe and effective choice that everyone can count on.


Li, Kuanrong, Rudolf Kaaks, Jakob Linseisen, and Sabine Rohrmann. "Associations of Dietary Calcium Intake and Calcium Supplementation with Myocardial Infarction and Stroke Risk and Overall Cardiovascular Mortality in the Heidelberg Cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition Study" Heart 98: 920-25.

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