Kids Cooking for a Brighter Future

Kids cooking in a food desert community

Coqui the Chef teaches young people and their families in the South Bronx to make healthier meals with ingredients right from their kitchen. Similar to Barney and Friends and Dora the Explorer, Coqui the Chef uses a fun, friendly mascot to teach children the importance of building healthy habits through cooking and nutrition classes.

Coqui the Chef's social mission is to empower kids to live healthier lives where nutritious foods are not always readily available and they suffer from high levels of obesity and diabetes. Kids Cooking for a Brighter Future is an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for more cooking classes and produce a cooking show.

Organizations like the American Heart Association, Citizens Committee for New York City (CCNYC), City Harvest and South Bronx Police Athletic League have collaborated with our mission. We recently were given CCNYC "The Osborn Elliott Award for Community Service." The media; TV Networks, newspapers and radio stations have spoken of our social work giving us credit for the wonderful work we have done with the kids in the South Bronx.

Our media highlights include...Bronx News Channel 12, WPIX Channel 11, the Daily News, ABC's "The Chew," TLC's "What Not to Wear," and WNYC Radio.

Contact information
Tania Lopez
Email: coquithechef[at]
Phone: 347-692-8102


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Coqui the Chef® knows that kids deserve a bright future, learning to cook and eat smart is a great way to start!

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