Kids' Candor: Making It Easy for Parents Who Wish to Raise Their Children Bilingual

For parents, the perfect bilingual solution for early child development through play, music, and guided human interaction.

Kids’ Candor is bringing to parents the first bilingual (English/Spanish) program that will deliver to their doors the necessary tools and guidance to educate children from birth until preschool through quality human interactions.

“The idea was born through our own search for bilingual and educational materials for our kids. Our native language is Spanish and we want to raise our children bilingual,” says co-founder and President Lourdes Ramón.  “We were not pleased with the current offers in the market and we started to make our own materials. We realized that we were not the only ones searching for the same solution.”

Kids’ Candor comprehensive curriculum encompasses games, original music, educational activity materials, toys and easy-to-use guide cards in conveniently packaged kits called “Educational Modules.” Every month, parents will receive one kit with everything they need to foster an optimal early child development. Offering 5 stages to choose from, each kit is specifically crafted for the child’s age and development stage, starting at birth until preschool age. All their materials are Bilingual (Spanish and English), yet the users don’t have to know both languages to use it.

To test their idea, Kids’ Candor ran a test by sending prototypes to several families. The responses were extremely positive and gave the founders the confidence to launch a crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter running from July 1st – July 31st. Their target of $25,000 target in fund raising will allow them to complete the initial inventory and production of their kits to be able to launch the product and meet minimum forecasted demand.

Lourdes shared with us: “An old friend of mine agreed to do the test with her 4 year old and her 2 year old twins. She has a full time job and she is the only one at home that speaks Spanish. As you can imagine she is busy and teaching Spanish to her children takes extra work. After she spent several weeks with the product I received this message from her: "I wish for a product like this but I never looked because I thought I could do it on my own... Four years later and I am finally starting! Thanks!” Her feedback made me cry, and also realized that we are making bilingual childhood education an attainable goal.”


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Kids Candor, Inc. strive to be the catalyst for parents and caregivers to raise children bilingually since birth.

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