Karaoke World Championship USA Draws Multiple VIP Guests to the National Finals in Fort Worth, TX

The Karaoke World Championships USA National Finals is 3 days of excitement and fun for the top amateur singers in America . One male and one female will win a trip to Stockholm, Sweden to represent the USA at the KWC 2014 World Finals in November.

Stockholm, Sweden to represent the USA at the Karaoke World Championships 2014 World Finals in November. The KWC USA Competition is three days of excitement for the top amateur singers in America and the many VIP’s that are joining the fun as hosts or judges!

The Live Oak Music Hall in Fort Worth, Texas is hosting the KWC USA National Finals October 8th through 11th this year.

Zak Waddell from Fort Worth will serve as the Master of Ceremonies and Co-Host of the National Finals. With a heart hungry to find a partner in life..and a love for Karaoke... Zak crooned his way to 4th runner-up on Season 9 of ABC's The Bachelorette. Although he tried to impress The Bachelorette, Desiree with creative antics, a shirtless limo exit and a passionate heart - he returned to home to family, a new-found love and a vision for MAD House Karaoke. Through several months of collaboration with a prominent Dallas restaurant, a global leader in Karaoke product innovation in Europe, and the genius team of IlFusion Creative in Fort Worth, MAD Karaoke is inching closer to its goal of creating a global franchise for the Private Room Karaoke Experience.

Karaoke World Championships USA is the biggest and most prestigious karaoke event that brings together singers from all over the world regardless of race, nation or religion.

Cindy Bellelli

KWC USA License Owner

Erica Lafay from Warren, MI will be a Co-Host of the National Finals. Erica was mesmerized at the age of 8 by a live performance of “Annie.”  She began immersing herself in anything that involved music. She and has been in many professional singing contests throughout the USA and so far her biggest accomplishment was when she released her first single entitled “Rain,” worldwide.

This year's VIP Guests will also be judging the Finals to find the best female singer and male singer to represent the USA at the World Finals. Here is a list of Judges so far:

Cornelius “Drew” Andrew from San Antonio, TX is the 2012 KWC USA National Finals 1st Place Winner, which qualified him for the KWC World Finals in Finland, where he won 3rd Place in the World. Drew started singing with his family at church when he was about 10 years old and later received a music scholarship. Drew stated that winning the KWC meant a lot to him and that being in the Army made him somewhat stoic, but when his name was called as the winner, he teared up.

R.L. Bell from Spring, TX is the 2011 KWC USA National Finals 4th place winner and he was one of the Finalists on the ABC TV show, Karaoke Battle USA. He has been singing in church since he was old enough to walk. R.L. is currently the lead singer in his own band titled Beep Soul, and he is working on a single which will be released soon.

Noelle Braun from Grafton, WI is proud to be the 2012 KWC USA National Finals 1st Place Winner.  While representing her country at the KWC World Finals in Finland, she placed in the top 10 females. Noelle states that the KWC World Finals was one of the most incredible experiences of her life. Since the World Finals, Noelle has guest-judged and performed throughtout the Wisconsin has also traveled to Vancouver, BC to judge KWC Canadian National Finals. Being a KWC Fialists added credibility to her singing and performing skills, and has opened up many different singing opportunities.

Denise Franklin from Landers, CA has been actively involved with music since age 5. She has performed in various bands, and has performed with major artists including Alice Cooper. Denise has also worked with Darius Rucker, Martina McBride, and Montgomery Gentry at Agua Caliente’s “The Show.” Denise has been in several vocal competitions, and one in 2009 led her to being a part of a local TV show called “Lucky Break.”  She has been successful at earning top 5 positions multiple times with a national Karaoke championship called Talent Quest. In 2011, Denise won the title of national champion in her division, and also won the overall national female title, so she knows what it takes to be successful. Denise and her husband, Allan McDonald, have been the owners of Talent Quest National Karaoke contest since 2012. Denise is honored to be a judge at the KWC, and believes in what Karaoke does for singers who aspire to attain their personal goals.

Steve Hess from Dallas, TX is a long-time Karaoke enthusiast and the director of KaraokeAcrossAmerica.com. Steve has run a free karaoke show directory since the mid-1990’s. and he enjoys doing almost anything that helps the Karaoke universe!

Ivory Tribes is a band from the North Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area that was formed in late 2013. The band started with Dublin Alexander and Grant Thompson putting together a few simple tracks. The project quickly transpired into a more serious band with the addition of bassist Joe Dunn and guitarist Jon Casel. Then fully evolved with the addition of keyboardist Anthony Le, to make the project very special. They are currently working on their debut EP, recorded at Orb Studios in Austin, TX - producer Matt Noveskey, the bassist of the band Blue October.

Kimberly Partridge Evans from Arnold, CA is the 2013 KWC USA National Finals 1st place winner, which gave her the honor of representing the USA at the KWC World Finals in Finland, where she placed 3rd in the world and brought home a bronze medal. Kim described Finland as the best experience of her life because she got to meet so many great people and singers from all over the world. Singing on that stage was a dream come true. She was proud to have met her goals of making the top ten! Kim credits the KWC with boosting her confidence, and making her believe it is possible to achieve your dreams and goals.

Edward Pimental from Albuquerque, NM. Edward is the 2010 KWC USA National Finals 1st Place Winner, which won him a spot in the KWC World Finals in Moscow, Russia, where he was the People’s Choice winner of 1 million Russian Dumplings. Edward is a Karaoke DJ in Albuquerque and he is also the lead singer with Blu Sol. He has won multiple awards at local, national and globally events and has collaborated with many artists across the country and has some original songs on Reverbnation and iTunes.

Ben Scott from Dallas, TX is a entrepreneur who graduated from Texas Tech University in 2007. He was a partner in Trophy Room (Dallas) and in August created The Sir (Dallas). Ben Scott was featured in Season 9 of the ABC reality dating series The Bachelorette 2013 and the first season of Bachelor in Paradise 2014.  Ben has worked closely with musical talent over the years, booking high-energy acts to fuel the Uptown Dallas nightlife. He appreciates the wild, the absurd and the risk-takers. Show him the energy and you will be rewarded!

Carter Thomas from Little Rock, AR is the 2013 KWC USA National Finals 1st Place Winner, which qualified him to compete in the KWC World Finals in Finland. Carter began singing at age 8 in a small church in Alabama. Over the years he has performed in a variety of venues, from churches to international vocal competitions.

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