Kansas City Foundry Successfully Transitions to Lead-Free Production

Martin Foundry Company, Inc has been a respected member of the Kansas City business community for 81 years.  It is a small, minority-owned, fourth-generation foundry which casts custom non-ferrous component parts for general industry.  Martin currently employs sixteen long-tenured associates.

Martin Foundry has had a third-party OSHA compliance program in effect since 2009.  Following an inspection by OSHA in 2013, the plant was re-engineered to ensure employee health and safety was not at risk.  These changes reduced lead emissions to a level below Federal Actionable Limits and were confirmed as being effective by environmental studies done by Missouri Department of Labor, Division of Labor Standards, and affirmed by the Kansas City Area Office, Occupational Safety and Health Administration in June, 2014.

Since February, 2015 Martin Foundry has been fully cooperating with their new safety and health advisor, Compliance Professionals, Inc. in the implementation of a compliant safety culture.  In March, 2015 the decision was made to entirely remove lead from cast products at Martin Foundry.  Even though Martin had a two year prior history of zero employee overexposure to blood lead levels, Darrell Stone, Martin Vice-President, was adamant to “eliminate lead from this facility”, and in accordance with the Small Business Administration’s Green Initiative…to make a difference. Help protect our ecosystem and serve customers who value environmental efforts.”  Since April of 2015, only two months after the decision to go “lead-free” was made, Martin Foundry, in partnership with Mitsubishi Shindoh Co., Ltd. Of Japan, has produced only EcoBrass® products, thereby eliminating the introduction of lead into the environment by Martin Foundry castings.

Martin has long been demonstrably committed to the health and safety of its employees, its clients, the community, and the environment.  Martin Foundry has been cooperating with U.S. Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration and will continue to do so in resolving any allegations and/or proposed penalties. 

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