Kamikoto Launches Honshu Steel Knife Set

The best chefs in the culinary universe are unanimous in their opinions: Japan is home to the world's premier knives.

​​​​The best chefs in the culinary universe are unanimous in their opinions: Japan is home to the world’s premier knives.

Japanese-knife specialists Kamikoto have followed in the tradition of Japan’s cutlery excellence, launching a new series of steel knives that follow the timeless heritage of handcrafted Honshu​ metal knives. Kamikoto said in a recent statement the company is proud of their line of chef’s knives.

“We’ve always been fascinated with the excellence of handmade Japanese knives and we wanted to carry on that tradition with our own set of cutlery,” a senior brand spokesman from Kamikoto said. “While the world around us has evolved and changed over the past centuries, the art of Honshu​ steel manufacturing has stayed true to its original values based on craftsmanship and perfection.”

Honshu​ steel is made in Japan’s Honshu​ prefecture, a region home to a select group of knifemakers whose use of Honshu​ steel sets them apart from every other knifemaker in the world.

While traditional Honshu​ knives have the power to cut through rope and wood, renowned chefs throughout Japan and the rest of the culinary world have fallen in love with the knives for the way they slice through food with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Kamikoto’s Honshu​ knives are not only a representation of hundreds of years of expert knifemaking, but they’re also a symbol of the Honshu region’s desire to stay true to perfection. 

The Kamikoto 7-inch Santoku Chef’s Knife is the jewel of the Kamikoto Honshu​ collection, the company said.

“Only the most discerning chefs choose Kamikoto Santoku Chef’s Knife to help them meet and exceed high standards in the kitchen,” they said. “Each blade goes through a rigorous quality assurance process of testing and retesting to ensure all knives meet the distinction and caliber of Kamikoto.”

The Kamikoto Santoku is designed to fit in the chef’s hand in such a way that it feels like an extension of the body. A non-slip handle ensures that the cutting hand never touches the cutting surface.

The blade itself is made with a satin finish and is 2.5 mm wide. It provides perfect balance for precision tasks, is light and lightning quick. The 7-inch Santoku comes with its own wooden storage box. Kamikoto’s Santoku sells for $675.

The company’s repertoire also features a Kanpeki three-knife set which includes a 7-inch Nakiri meat cleaver, an 8.5-inch slicing knife and a 5-inch utility knife. The Kanpeki set retails for $1,295.

“You can rest assured that Kamikoto is the pinnacle of the gourmet’s choice of blades,” Kamikoto said. “When you handle the Kanpeki Knife Set, you’ll feel the difference a quality blade can make.”

Kamikoto’s knives are on sale at Kamikoto, Amazon.com and other online retailers.

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