Jemba's 2014 Annual Toy and Gift Drive Goes Global

Jemba's Annual Toy Drive for Domestic Violence Victims has gone global. Founder Oston Jemba is a Freshman at John Cabot University in Rome Italy. 2014 marks the global launch of Jemba's drive, He i collecting toys and gifts in Los Angeles and Rome

JADV - (Jemba Against Domestic Violence), is a Los Angeles organization that has hosted an annual Christmas Toy & Gift Drive for victims of Domestic Violence since 2007. Jemba is now a young man attending University in Rome and he’s taken his toy drive globally. JADV has gone Global!  

The founder of JADV, Oston Jemba Madengue is currently a freshman at John Cabot University in Rome Italy, as a result the toy drive has gone global! Jemba’s Toy drive is simultaneously being held in Los Angeles CA and Rome Italy from November 27th – December 18th. The drive will benefit the Jenesse Center, Project Peacemakers Inc. in Los Angeles and “Casa Intenationale delle Donne” in Rome Italy.

As a young leader, college freshman and global student, Jemba has learned from personal challenges that circumstances do not define who you are. He has learned through his philanthropic efforts how to make a difference no matter how young or how poor. His grassroots organization Jemba Against Domestic Violence (JADV) was formed with the sole purpose of giving to those in need. His mission is to help prevent violence against women and their children, and help mothers bring a little joy to their children when they need it the most at Christmas. His annual toy and gift drive is just one of his many efforts to help those in need!

Before leaving for college in Rome, Jemba recruited several teen volunteers to continue his mission. The teen recruits are collecting toys & gifts at Oakwood Secondary School, Crossroads Upper School, Wagon Wheels Preschool, The Walther School Legends Barbershop and Nederlander Concerts.

Supporters include Nederlander Concerts, Big Sunday Holiday List, and ABIP-Association of Batterers Intervention.

For a complete list of locations and wish lists please visit


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