Ispiice Runs Several Volunteering Programs in India for Foreign Tourists

iSpiice initiates a slew of volunteering programmes to help inbound tourists do socially useful productive works in India while allowing them to visit the major Indian tourism destinations.

There is none denying the fact that the current socio-economic scenario in India calls for serious reforms and social initiatives to bring about positive changes in the lives of street children, women, school kids, and the downtrodden classes of the society. With intent to combine myriad social causes with tourism, iSpiice is doing commendable job in inviting inbound tourists to participate in different programmes and, during their brief visit to India, explore the real essence of major Indian tourism destinations. iSpiice, an independent humanitarian organisation, came into existence in the year 2008. Since then, it has earned great reputation for providing the required assistance, support and guidance to school kids, needy children in day cares, street children, and women in remote areas.

Speaking about various programs run by iSpiice, a senior executive commented, “iSpiice stands for Integrated Social Programs in India Child Education. Aside from child education, we are doing quality work to ensure that the standard of living of Indian women in remote areas and socially deprived classes witness changes in the right direction. Under the able supervision and guidance of Varun Verma, we have been quite successful in inspiring inbound tourists to be the ambassadors for change in India. Inbound travellers, accordingly, display ready commitment, resolve, and passion to deliver amazing results.”

iSpiice runs a range of programs, each of which are specifically designed to provide volunteers with meaningful travel opportunities, aside from catering to gender issues in India and allowing rural Indians gain access to healthcare. While volunteering for social causes, iSpiice volunteers get their chance to explore India in its truest sense. Some of major programmes run by iSpiice include Teach English Program, Job Skills Training, Women Empowerment, Special Summer Programs, and so on.

The senior executive stated further, “We invite people from all over the world to participate in projects and programs that suit their individual preferences, professional strengths, and interests. iSpiice serves as a channel to allow them connect to Indian masses and provide them assistance, guidance, and support.”

The humanitarian organisation, accordingly, has become a one-stop destination for people who intend to participate in Indian volunteering programs and spread educational awareness through dedicated programmes like volunteer teaching in India.

About iSpiice:

iSpiice, a one-of-its-kind initiative aiming to connect inbound tourists with social volunteering programmes in India, is making rounds these days, thanks to a dedicated team of thinking souls that knows how to inspire tourists to do socially useful productive works in India. Major areas of concern or workable areas explored by folks at iSpiice include women empowerment, childcare, healthcare, welfare of street children, and dedicated programmes for street children. The organisation further allows volunteers to visit places of tourist interest, which include Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, Manali, and so on. Each of the volunteering programme in India promises to bring about a positive change in the standard of living of Indian kids, women, and school kids. Those with a flair for teaching would find teaching volunteer program in India perfectly suited to their penchant to spread the light of knowledge and education among needy kids and individuals.

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iSpiice initiates a slew of volunteering programmes to help inbound tourists do socially useful productive works in India while allowing them to visit the major Indian tourism destinations.

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