Invents Releases "Gimyst Solar System", Reduce Energy Costs And Still Stay Comfortable

The Gimyst Solar System is a better, cost effective, and more affordable alternative to temperature control.

Being able to control the temperature is a very crucial need in our daily living. Current methods of temperature control are either not readily available or are financially demanding to setup and maintain. With the Gimyst Solar System, not only are its possibilities endless with a wide range of applications and benefits, but it is also much more affordable and cost effective due to its readily available materials and its primary source of solar energy.

The Patent Pending Gimyst Solar System was invented by Doe Ocansey of Bloomingdale, IL, who said, “Among the advantages of the Gimyst Solar System are its capabilities to cool interiors while reducing or eliminating the use of electricity, thus reducing energy costs as well. This system is self-sustaining and self-regulating with the fact that once the system has been installed, it will operate automatically at no further expense, with little maintenance. Thus, for regions or countries where summer air-conditioning is intermittent, the Gimyst Solar System provides low-cost cooling. In tropical climate regions of the world where the electrical supply is lacking or unreliable, or where air-conditioning is simply beyond the financial means of the people, the Gimyst Solar System provides a higher standard of comfort and a better way of living.”

"This system is also vital in areas where the electrical supply is unreliable. Gimyst Solar System, once installed is self-sustaining and self-regulating and operated automatically. The low-cost cooling will benefit all users."

Doe Ocansey, Inventor

The inventor added, “In addition, the Gimyst Solar System is safe for the environment and can be used during power outages. It can even preserve food or drugs in places without electricity, or in the event of a power outage or natural disaster.”

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