Invents Company Introduces A Pet Station — Babes Of The Hill

Babes of the Hill provides dog and cat owners with a portable structure to entertain their beloved pets for hours.

Attention pet lovers and pet owners! Babes of the Hill is a specially designed portable pet station featuring an inclined climbing wall as well as a portable play area with a scratching board and a variety of toys. The design intent is to provide dog and cat owners with a structure that affords their animal hours of entertainment. The product is manufactured primarily of wood, metal and plastic material configured in the form of a right triangle boasting a vertical support wall to rest flush to a sloped incline thereby providing a climbing wall for either a cat or dog.

This is a unique device providing all-in-one activity for one’s fantastic furry pet. The fitness/exercise needs of an animal can be met with Babes of the Hill. It is a friendly and cozy area for the dog or cat to rest and play and the attached toys help to entertain them for hours. When the pet has reached the top of the climbing wall and is resting on the ledge he/she is on an easy-to-reach level for the owner and offers a convenient platform to pet or play with the animal. Better yet, when the pet reaches the top of the wall, there is a soft nail file which massages the paws of an animal and helps release anxiety and deter him/her scratching on furniture and other in-home surfaces.

The Patent Pending Babes of the Hill was invented by Theresa Ann Medina of Cudahy, CA who said, “I greatly doubt there is anyone with a beloved pet who doesn’t want the very best for the pet, just as human parents want for their children. Bark parks and all the other public places to take a pet (speaking primarily about dogs) are great but there is nothing better than having a special place at home for a beloved baby, whether a dog or a cat.  Babe of the Hill is precisely that—it provides entertainment and loads of fun for that four legged furry animal that is in your family. It works perfectly!”              

"Our pets are as important to us as any other family member and entertaining them also entertains us."

Theresa Ann Medina


EDITOR'S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invention Resource International. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invention Resource International, Operations Center, 11661 Hwy 707, 1st Floor, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576


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