She Could Not Find a Weight Loss Product Created by Someone She Could Relate to So She Created One

Finally, weight loss products that combine what most Doctor's recommend - eat less and move more. Weight loss really can be that simple. Move It To Lose It was created by a "real person", not a model or celebrity, who knows what it is like to overweight and out-of-shape.

​​​​​Inventor of weight loss products helps others lose weight by showing them how she lost 75 pounds. 

Karen Kristjansson created unique weight loss products  showing her 75-pound weight loss. Her products consist of a gentle 20-minute exercise video, a wellness book about the food groups and their portion sizes, a recipes book and a 2-month supply of ‘Dear Diary’ sheets to keep track of everything her client eats in a day. Women of all ages relate to her and find her video to be very easy and simple to follow.  ​

THE VIDEO - The wellness/gentle exercise video is called Move It To Lose It™: Karen was never a naturally thin person or an athlete. When she weighed 215 pounds, she began searching for an exercise video to help her lose weight. She quickly became frustrated that videos available were hosted by someone who had no idea what it is like to out-of-shape and overweight. Celebrities, models, fitness trainers and athletes were telling her how to get thin when they had no idea how she felt being overweight and out-of-shape. Some of their routines were so high impact that she was scared that her thighs rubbing together so quickly might start a small fire. This frustration to find a video hosted by a real person, who lost weight by doing the same exercises that they were telling her to do to lose weight, led her to create Move It To Lose It™.
Her exercise video is unique in that it took over 6 months to complete. The video combines 'before' footage, of her exercising when she weighed 215 pounds, with 'after' footage of her exercising after she lost 75 pounds. She loses weight in front of her viewer’s eyes throughout the video so it is very motivating. She is constantly encouraging her viewers throughout it. It is only 20-minutes long and has no complicated moves. Anyone at any fitness level can do her video.

THE BOOKS - When she went searching for a book to advise her about what and how much she should eat to lose weight, she was overwhelmed to find thousands of books available. She couldn’t decide which book was the right one for her. Some books said to eliminate carbohydrates. Some books said to eat a lot of protein. Some said not to eat any red meat. Some said to avoid all fats. Some said don’t eat anything with sugar. She had no idea which one would be the best for her, so she did a lot of research and decided to follow the portion sizes of what the USA and Canadian governments suggest for healthy eating. Karen describes in detail about each food group and why each one is essential for your body. At the beginning, until she could visually know what a portion size looked like, she measured and weighed her food. She
ate all the foods that she loved but in moderation. The key to her weight loss, and maintaining it for over 10 years, was that she never deprived her taste buds of what they wanted. She kept track of everything that she ate in a day and shares those diary sheets in her books. She also includes the recipes for over 60 of her favorite meals that she ate while losing her weight and that can be seen in her diary sheets. The 60-day supply of ‘Dear Diary’ sheets included is for people to keep track of what they eat in a day. It is proven that when people keep track of what and how much they eat in a day, they are more successful in their weight loss goals.

Some of the testimonials from her website -

"Karen's book is down to earth and inspiring."

 “This is for the person who says, "I have no idea what to do and I don't want to be seen in a gym”

"It's about time we had someone doing videos that we could feel comfortable with instead of the slim model figures".

Contact Information: Karen Kristjansson, CEO, Move It To Lose It Fitness Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 2332, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3J 3C8


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At 215 lbs, Karen became frustrated that exercise videos were hosted by models & celebrities who had never been overweight so she created a video using footage of her before & after her weight loss. Her wellness books & video have been sold on QVC.

CEO, Move It To Lose It Fitness Inc.
Move It To Lose It Fitness Inc.
P.O. Box 2332
Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA B3J 3C8