Infinite Promotional Solutions Sends Team to the Bahamas

The leadership team and high achievers at Infinite Promotional Solutions will soon enjoy a hard-earned weekend in the Bahamas. Megan P., the firm's president, shared some of the benefits a person enjoys from using vacation time.

“We work hard at Infinite Promotional Solutions, so when we get the chance to play hard, we take it!” said Megan. “The people who come with me to the Bahamas will have a blast, and I know that even more team members will qualify next time.”

The weekend retreat is designed to encourage relaxation, but also to give top producers from across North America the opportunity to learn best practices from industry leaders and develop their personal networks. To top it off, there is a prestigious ceremony at which those who have hit noteworthy objectives will be publicly recognized for their efforts.

“The other leaders and I at Infinite Promotional Solutions are determined to build and maintain a culture where people feel empowered to succeed. Travel opportunities are great ways to make this happen,” Megan explained. “The associates who qualify get to know each other on a personal level, and are better able to collaborate on the world-class promotions we generate.”

"We work hard at Infinite Promotional Solutions, so when we get the chance to play hard, we take it!"


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Infinite Promotional Solutions President Discusses the Positives of Taking Vacations

Megan realizes that not all professionals consider vacation time to be a wise use of resources. She pointed out the findings of a study that found over 30 percent of American workers did not use all vacation days for which they qualified. This is a shame, the president said, because getting away from work for a week or two actually helps people do their jobs better.

For example, when someone gets away from his or her normal routine, the individual’s body and mind have a much-needed opportunity to rest and repair themselves. In turn, this leads to greater amounts of positive emotional experiences and lower amounts of depression, according to the Mind Body Center at the University of Pittsburgh.

Also, getting out of the daily grind for a while will lead to innovation and imaginative problem solving. “Especially for those of us who work in an industry that requires a lot of creativity, it’s crucial to freshen our perspectives on a regular basis. A change of pace helps keep our brains from getting tapped out of great ideas,” Megan said.

Finally, going on vacation helps a professional keep his or her productivity level high. “It’s completely possible for a person to show up to work every day but not be there mentally,” she concluded. “Lots of people probably do it, but they are not making valuable contributions. For these reasons and more, I consider vacations to be worthwhile investments for everyone on the Infinite Promotional Solutions team.”

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