Infinite Promotional Solutions Helps Donate $5 Million to BCRF

The team at Infinite Promotional Solutions recently had the pleasure of presenting a check for $5 million to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) for all sales made by FW1, one of the companies the firm represents.

​​​Megan P., president of Infinite Promotional Solutions, had the honor of representing the firm during the check presentation. “This is such a tremendous cause,” she said. “I’m thrilled that our team was able to give back to the community in this way.”

Infinite Promotional Solutions’ team provides interactive marketing services on behalf of FW1 and thus helped champion a campaign in which a portion of sales from FW1’s products would be earmarked for this donation. “We’re proud to team up with a company that also shares our philosophy for giving back to the community,” Megan added. “We never imagined being able to raise this amount and yet, we are able to help support the BCRF’s worthwhile work.”

The BCRF’s mission is two-fold. In addition to research to find a cure for and prevent breast cancer, the organization also raises awareness about breast cancer treatments. They are committed to helping women and men who have been diagnosed with the disease have better outcomes. Their Pink Promotion is one of the primary fundraisers and the one for which these funds were raised.

"This is such a tremendous cause,"



Megan cited that she looks forward to her firm and the brand it represents continuing to raise funds and support this cause.

Infinite Promotional Solutions Discusses Giving Back

As Megan noted, a part of Infinite Promotional Solutions company philosophy centers on philanthropic activities. “Each member of our team firmly believes in giving back to our community,” she said. “We believe it not only benefits the organizations we support, but it also reflects kindly on our commitment to better the world around us. Social responsibility is very much a part of what consumers, businesses, and potential employees look for in a company. They want to know that firms are not just in it for themselves.”

“We chose to partner with the BCRF because nearly everyone here has witnessed the impact of breast cancer on someone they love,” she added. “It affects younger and older women alike, and even men. The efforts to find cures and prevent this cancer have helped increase the survival odds tremendously.”

Megan noted that by tying the fundraising to a promotion, her team was more motivated to sell products. “It gave an added sense of purpose to their work,” she said. “They felt like they were making a difference. This couldn’t have happened without our wonderful partner, FW1. Teaming with the group to make such a dramatic donation has been phenomenal.”

As Megan suggested, the work doesn’t end now that this donation has been made. “We’re ready to raise our challenge for the next Pink Promotion.”

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