Industrial Visit to Maruti Suzuki - BBA 3rd Year Students

In line with teaching methods in place, a visit to Maruti Suzuki Car Manufacturing Plant, Gurgaon was organized for the BBA final year students of The Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET)

It was a group of 36 students escorted by three faculties. They went through half an hour presentation on the car manufacturing process as a prelude to the visit. This not only helped them to understand the concept of the process, the question answer session opened windows to some management concepts, financial and HR related issues in a working environment, which can at times prove very crucial.

It was awe inspiring to mark a growth of the organization which started with an annual production 18000 cars in 1983, has end up producing vehicles @ avg 425,000 per year since inception in 2003. It is a fully robotic plant with an installed capacity of 5000 cars a month and with such an advanced technology that every 12 seconds a car rolls out. For the management undergraduate it was a chance to learn about the 5S, 3G, JIT and Kaizen concepts. While 5S is generic for every organization because it relates to cleanliness and organized way of storage and handling, through this methodology the work efficiency is enhanced and the clean environment helps in good health and a feeling of wellbeing.

3G is another concept which forms the part of managerial skills. It explains that it is important to visit the place of happening, assess situation and then take corrective action. Kaizen is the concept for continuous improvement, which was clearly visible in the plant working and the company turnover, which is already now 50thousand crores per annum. For the young PIETians it was a platform for all round learning.

It was a matter of pleasure when one of our students, Farishma, presented the vote of thanks to Maruti management attached with us, because on this occasion they learnt through questions that PIET is one of the Top Management Colleges in Haryana, Top Institutes in Haryana, which provide a BBA Degree, and is rated the Best in Delhi NCR, and most liked by aspirants. It is affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra approved by AICTE, Govt. of India. This institute, which has recently won the awards for

Ø  Best Engineering College in North India

Ø  Best Placement in North India

Bestowed by Hon’ble Minister of State, Prof. (Dr.) R.S. Katheria in January 2015 makes this college outstanding for having won FOUR AWARDS in two consecutive years.

Since the time was available for more exposure, on way back the group stopped by the Indira Gandhi International Airport road side view to have a feel of the landing and takeoff process of aircrafts. Fortunately it was probably the peak time as five planes were ready for a go.

To sum up we can call it a practical workshop of allied methodology.

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