Indian Doctor Selected For Star Of Asia Award For His Unique Concept

Dr. Chirag B. Jain has been selected by International Business Council as the most promising Entrepreneur The 'Star Of Asia' award in the field of Quality Health Care for his most unique concept of emergency health care in developing countries.

Dr Chirag jain who is a resident of Mumbai has been selected by International Business council  to get the prestigious international award 'Star of Asia' in the field of Quality Health Care on 20 th July 2015 in a prestigious ceremony in New Delhi India .
After various detailed presentation made by him to the jury explaining the concept and advantages of these centres, it  was finally decided to confer him with this award.He explained how by setting up such centres all over the country specially in a developing country where the doctor-patient ratio is very low ,the problem of inadequate quality care can be addressed.

Dr Chirag Jain explained how non-qualified doctors are finding it difficult to deal with surgical emergencies and complicated medical cases and how  patient ends up with sub standard treatment.His model explains how these centre can utilise and train these doctors for giving a more  scientifically correct  treatment.

Dr. Chirag is already successfully running such a centre by the name "Inji Labs" in the heart of Mumbai and is planning to set such centers all over the country.The jury felt that this was a very realistic idea which could help in dealing with the mass and rural areas of the Asian subcontinent where doctors of the local areas  can be adequately trained to deal with these cases.

Also this could reduce the work load of the already overworked running multi-specialty hospitals in various parts of the continent.

It was a unanimous decision by all three Jury  from different countries to award him with the most promising young doctor "Star of Asia "award.

International Business Council selects 25 such young personalities  from different fields  in a year who have the ability to address the challenges faced by the people of Asia and bring about the changes in their lives.

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