'i SHiFT' Massage: Sinus/Headache, Inflammation, Fatigue & Tension. A New Modality by Clear My Head.

Advanced Spa Training On Site with 'I SHiFT' to Holistically Treat Sinus & Headache Pain.

Clear My Head Ltd, a leader in holistic wellness products targeting sinus & headache care since 2004, is pleased to announce their 'on-site' training of 'i SHiFT' Massage - a multi-modality approach to treating Sinus/Headache with Inflammation, Fatigue & Tension (SHiFT).

The new protocol was created by Brenda Stansfield, LMT, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and creator of the Clear My Head brand. Ms. Stansfield brings over 20 years of experience and practice in this 6 hour CEU course. The modality was launched in late 2014 and has been well received. On Site training began in 2015 with destination spas in Napa Valley, Breckenridge and Denver being among the first to adopt the techniques.

'I highly recommend this training, it will give therapists more 'tools' to put in their 'bags' to pull out and use on guests and clients when indicated',' said Debbi Hamilton, Lead Therapist at The Spa at Silverado Resort in Napa, California.

'It makes sense at this time to bring this modality to resorts and spas' Ms. Stansfield said 'because more and more clients are seeking holistic solutions to pain. Rather than covering up symptoms with medications, they are seeking to solve the root causes. A well trained Massage Therapist with advanced skills is the perfect partner to explore wellness options with.'

By combining a variety of modalities, 'i SHiFT' Massage brings optimum relief to clients. 'i SHiFT' massage is the holistic treatment of Sinus & Headache pain with emphasis on reducing Inflammation, Fatigue & Tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

For more information about classes in Ohio or 'On-Site' Workshops at your resort, spa or conference please contact Ms. Stansfield at 937-847-222 or brenda@clearmyhead.com. Course details are at ishiftmassage.com or at clearmyhead.com under Continuing Education.


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Clear My Head Ltd is a wellness brand that helps treat sinus congestion, headache pain and mental fatigue naturally. Our products are sold throughout the United States in Spas, Resorts, Wellness Center & Boutiques. We now offer Continuing Education.

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