HuntDay App Launched - Bringing Hunting info to Mobile Devices

HuntDay mobile app allows users to access hunting rules and regulations guides for all 50 states in a searchable database and set reminders in advance of season openers and tag applications so critical hunting dates are never missed.

HuntDay, a free mobile service that provides hunters with a searchable database of regulations for 5000+ hunts launched on October 21 for iPhone and Android. HuntDay provides a reminder service so hunters will never miss a season or application sate again. HuntDay also offers easy access to the state-issued hunting rules for all 50 US states.

“Our primary goal is the make hunting information more accessible so hunters can prepare for their season with maximum efficiency and new hunters can easily educate them on the rules and season dates,” says Marissa DeSimone, HuntDay CEO.

The idea for HuntDay grew out of personal experience, co-founder Matthew Day says. A Utah based hunter, Day frequently encountered fellow hunters who missed tag applications or season openers, wiping out the chance for a successful harvest. Day says, “It was clear that a simple reminder could solve this problem for a lot of hunters, but no one had been able to aggregate the thousands of rules and dates into a useful, searchable format.”

Although around 14 million hunters require access to hunting dates and regulations each year, HuntDay is the first company to create a mobile searchable database of this data, which provides hunt-specific information based on hunt type and local unit rules

HuntDay will minimize the amount of time needed to navigate through guide books and ensure that hunters who utilize the in-app reminder service won’t miss critical hunting dates. HuntDay, the privately held Park City-based company, will soon launch additional features including GPS linked hunting unit maps and national harvest data reports to help hunters prepare for their seasons effectively.

DeSimone hopes that by focusing on the company’s mission of improving access to hunting information, and collaborating with federal, state and local programs, as well as private hunting organizations, HuntDay will act as a platform for improved hunting education and will lessen barriers for new hunters looking to participate in the sport.

“Our main goal is to get the regulations and season dates information into the hands of anyone who wants to hunt, so they can be fully prepared for their seasons and hunt more effectively,” DeSimone says.

According to US Fish and Wildlife data, nearly 14 million Americans spent over $33 billion annually in the US on hunting.


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