Heart of God International Ministry in Africa Announces Borehole Project in South Sudan

Heart of God Africa is Expanding Work in South Sudan by Providing a Supply of Safe Drinking Water to Residents of Remote Village

Heart of God International Ministries, an evangelical Christian organization, today announced the South Sudan Water Project under the direction and leadership of Denise L. Matthews, Executive Director of Heart of God Africa (HGA) as it raises awareness to spiritual and physical needs in the remote village of Corjip. HGA was formed to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ while working with communities to create lasting solutions to poverty through self-sustainable projects. As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, donations made to HGA are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

A new church was planted during the recent July mission; the borehole project will accompany the new church, providing clean water to all villagers at no charge regardless of participation in church services and/or activities. This project will not only provide water suitable for drinking and cooking in Corjip, it also will positively impact the high instance of death among infants and children whose lives are constantly threatened by dehydration and disease due to minimal water supply and unsafe disease-borne conditions.

"After witnessing the wide-spread suffering due to unsafe water conditions, the team members agree that providing a safe and clean water supply is the best way to demonstrate the love of God toward the people in Corjip. Not only do the people suffer," said Denise Matthews, "the animals are dying and the vegetation is sparse. Water is a mainstay of life; without it, life cannot thrive. We feel compelled to change that scenario for the people in Corjip."  

Matthews went on to say they have a company on standby ready to begin drilling the borehole. "The total cost of the process will be $14,590, giving the people a self-sustainable water supply. They will be trained to make repairs themselves. Equipping the people with a healthy water supply goes hand-in-hand with our policy to empower the people with whom we share the gift of eternal life through Christ." HGA is raising funds so drilling can begin as soon as possible.

Heart of God International Ministries has its administrative office in Willard, Ohio. All networked ministries are directed by volunteers who work out of their respective homes located from New York to California, enabling the organization to operate with minimal overhead.

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