HAYSTACKID Announces Partnership With Boston College - Master's Degree in Cybersecurity Policy & Governance

HAYSTACKID is pleased to announce its partnership with the new Master's degree in Cybersecurity Policy & Governance at Boston College.

HAYSTACKID www.haystackid.com is pleased to announce its partnership with the new Master’s degree in Cybersecurity Policy & Governance at Boston College.  Our team, including Trevor Findlen and Nili Yavin, has been working with Boston College to develop a robust program in Cybersecurity Policy & Governance to provide students with the tools and skills necessary to manage the critical and emerging cybersecurity issues faced by private industry and government today.

Taught by industry leaders and practitioners, including HAYSTACKID employees, students will learn, hands-on, to identify, assess, and manage cyber risk, and to develop and implement a proactive cybersecurity strategy to effectively defend, mitigate, and recover from a cyber-attack.  The program will prepare students to bridge the communication gap between IT security professionals and key business stakeholders, and to lead, design, and frame a business case for investment to senior executives, Boards of Directors, and government officials.  With a proactive approach, students will learn to cultivate strategies based on ethical principles while balancing company policies and government regulations to protect against and respond to cyber threats. Boston College’s program emphasizes leadership, critical thinking, analytic problem solving, and strong communication skills to prepare students to meet and respond to the varying issues presented by the rapidly changing cyber ecosystem. "This is a fantastic program to be involved in, said Kevin Glass President and CEO of HAYSTACKID, these topics are extremely relevant and hot topics today and are becoming increasingly important everyday."

More information about the Master’s degree in Cybersecurity Policy & Governance at Boston College, including the application process and curriculum, is available at www.bc.edu/mscybersecurity


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