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It is that time of year again. The holidays have come. Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, while Christmas and New Years are just out on the horizon. It is one of the happiest times of year. For the good folks at Hastings & Hastings, holiday cheer is about to fill the office.

With holiday cheer, comes holiday traffic. Hastings & Hastings does not want difficult traffic conditions to ruin anyone’s holiday. Thanksgiving is just weeks away and Phoenix is a popular travel destination. The town’s populations typically swells by nearly 50,000 during Thanksgiving weekend. Many of these travelers will be renting cars. Congestion on Phoenix streets is going to rise. Hastings & Hastings encourages everyone to welcome holiday travelers, and to stay safe out on the road.

During periods of increased traffic, it is important for everyone to remain patient, and to drive carefully. Hastings & Hastings asks everyone to remember to clearly signal their intentions when driving in heavy traffic. If drivers are switching lanes, they must use their turn signals, wait, than merge slowly carefully into the open lane. Hastings & Hastings would like to further remind individuals that trying to rush through holiday traffic could lead to accidents and even injury. If an individual is hit by someone who is recklessly navigating holiday traffic, they should contact an experienced attorney immediately.

Hastings & Hastings implores drivers to stay mindful of peak traffic times. During the holiday says, rush hour is going to be busier than ever before. If drivers wish to avoid heavy traffic, they should try attempt to plan their commute around the standard rush hours. If this is unavoidable, they should do their best to exhibit patience when caught in traffic.

Tension has a way of spreading out on the road. Hastings & Hastings encourages drivers to show each other a special degree of holiday kindness. They can let other drivers merge ahead of them, and avoid tailgating. Good driving behavior improves the life of everyone out on the road, and is a great way to ensure everyone has a good holiday season.

“Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, who can beat that? One of my least favorite holiday traditions is traffic. I am sure a lot of other people agree with me. If we can all be kind to each other when we are stuck on the road, I think everyone’s lives will be a little better,” said David Hastings, founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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Hastings & Hastings is an Arizona consumer law firm. We are an experienced trial law firm that represents personal injury and wrongful death victims at a Discount Fee.

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Hastings & Hastings is an Arizona consumer law firm. We are an experienced trial law firm that represents personal injury and wrongful death victims at a Discount Fee.

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