H3 Concepts on Why Being Career-Minded Matters

When it comes to hiring, many company leaders look for the most experienced candidates. The managers of H3 Concepts, an interactive marketing firm, state that career-minded individuals are the applicants they review most closely.

“Whether or not someone is career-minded is one of the first things we try to determine during the interview process,” noted Laura, H3 Concept’s president. “We’ve found over time that individuals who are thinking in terms of long-range goals are often the most motivated. This is among the prime qualities we seek in applicants.”

Laura described why H3 Concepts management believes in hiring associates with strong career focus. “It’s because they have growth-oriented mind-sets,” she noted. “They want to learn and grow, which is aligned with our company’s philosophy. Most applicants are pleasantly surprised to learn that we have a viable career track and that we’re not just looking to fill an open slot. Other companies’ leaders seem put off by questions on long-range opportunities. I personally think those types of inquiries signal a smart team member.”

“One of the key reasons we prioritize hiring career-minded individuals and offer advancement for motivated associates is that we invest significantly in training our team members,” Laura shared. “We want to reap high ROI from these efforts. More importantly, we value our team. These are great people.”

H3 Concepts Managers Share Tips for Finding a Great Career

One of the tips Laura offered for new job seekers is to spend time considering their ideal career paths. “You have to ask yourself what you’re passionate about, what gets you so excited you can’t wait to get into the office and dive in,” she said. “Such passion should guide your career.”

Laura noted this doesn’t necessarily refer to a specific field. It could refer to an activity as well. “A lot of people think they have to enter certain fields or industries to find career fulfillment,” she considered. “That’s not necessarily true. Think about what you like to do in general. Do you love working with people? There are a number of career paths you can follow if this is your passion.”

“At H3 Concepts, we have a number of team members who come from diverse disciplines, but share a love for being innovative and creative,” Laura concluded “Just because you majored in one field doesn’t mean your skills aren’t transferrable. Don’t box yourself in. The sky’s the limit.”

About H3 Concepts

H3 Concepts, Inc. specializes in crafting memorable dynamic promotions that generate lasting growth. The firm’s expertly- trained brand ambassadors apply the latest research methods to reach targeted audiences and leave customers wanting more. By doing so, they accelerate market share growth for the brands they represent. By emphasizing interactive marketing the firm’s associates maximize the power of engaging consumer experiences to forge meaningful relationships with brands. As a result, H3 Concepts, Inc. has solidified its reputation as a dependable industry leader. The firm is poised to expand into major new markets. For more information, visit H3Concepts-Inc.com.


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