Green Edge Systems Introduces New MyPlate Menu Board Designs for School Lunch

Green Edge Systems introduces new MyPlate menu board designs to help School Nutrition Services meet USDA rules and marketing their school lunch and breakfast programs to increase student participation rates.

Green Edge Systems, a leader in MyPlate signage solutions for K12 school food services Introduces new MyPlate dry erase menu boards to help the marketing of school breakfast and school lunch in K12 schools.

Increasing school lunch and school breakfast participation has become a major target for school food services to help increase or at least maintain participation rates.

The Green Edge System designs on

myplate-smart-choice.html can be posted on stands on wheels or without wheels, stands in front of serving lines and counters, for hanging on walls and doors, as dry erase boards, or on digital screens, as digital menu boards.

The Green Edge System 'School Menu Today' digital menu board system - ' can use similar designs than the MyPlate dry erase boards use, and allows the posting of school menus on mobile phones, school nutrition websites, on smart boards in school lunchrooms and on any digital screen that schools have in their campuses outside their cafeterias.

Posting on digital menu boards, mobile phones, school nutrition websites, on smart boards in school classrooms and on any digital signage screen on the school campus can be done via a school nutrition Dropbox account or by logging into the 'School Menu Today' dashboard.

Green Edge System has announced an upto 10%  beginning of new school year discounts program on its MyPlate dry erase menu boards.

A copy of the Green Edge Systems product and price sheet can be found at:

To order and for more information, contact:

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